Thursday, October 11, 2012

On Being Emily

Speech will probably be the last thing Emily develops.
It's very likely that she won't talk until she's three or four, and there are days where I long to hear my girl's voice.
People tell me all the time that she is the most quiet one year old they've ever known.
And it's true.

Her voice is quiet.
Her laugh is quiet.
When she babbles it's more like a whisper.
Even her cries are quiet compared to most babies.

And yet, in spite of what is mostly silence, Emily speaks volumes.
My little lady is pure joy.


Em's mornings usually begin with a miserable five or ten minutes of pain and discomfort.  She cries, she screams, she retches, and she tenses her entire body so tightly that we can't do anything but hold her until her body goes limp.

The minute she's limp her eyes light up, she smiles, and we play a game.
It's always the same.

She'll make a sound and then wait for me or Jason to repeat it.
She'll make a different sound and wait again.
She'll go loud; she'll go soft; she'll screech for a long time, or a short time.
And after every sound she looks to us expectantly...just waiting.

It doesn't matter how many times she's seen Mickey Mouse come on the screen in one day, or what she's doing when he does come on - her reaction never changes.
She lifts her head, crawls as fast as she can towards the TV, sits down, and kicks her legs as fast as she can - all while smiling the biggest smile she can find.

She squints and bats her eyes at Little Einsteins.
She giggles whenever Donald Duck talks.
She sits and studies the news reporters while sucking on her binky.

She will play with her toys contentedly.
She opens and shuts the cupboards just to hear the sound.

At least two or three times a day she will crawl to where I am, whether at home or at the office, and pull herself up to me.  She'll smile until I pick her up and then she'll cuddle.  She'll snuggle into my shoulder or sit in my lap with her head against my arm, and for five or ten minutes, she won't move.

And then she'll have had her fill of snuggling and let herself down and go back to her toys.

If I put my face close to hers she will smile, squish up her nose, and breath loudly in and out of her nose.
When I repeat the action she will always laugh.

When we're holding her, and she doesn't think we're paying enough attention to her, she will use her pointer finger to direct our face back to her.
She will do it over and over again.

She glares when I put her binky in my mouth, and then laughs when she pulls it out.

If there is something blocking our faces from Emily, she will automatically play peek-a-boo.
She will look around whatever it is, even if we're just looking at our phones, and smile and then quickly hide her face again.

My list could go on and on.

My days are filled with Emily, and there isn't a day that I'm not grateful for her.
Eternally grateful.


-stephanie- said...

Thank you for sharing Emily with us. We love her too. :o)

Jaime Barnhart said...

This is the PERFECT post -- and Emily is so lucky to have you.

She is soooo adorable -- her smile just lights up the room doesnt it?! A very special precious girl you have there. I am so glad I found you both online -- I love to visit you both here and see her sweet little face.

Sam said...

Teeheee, just reading all of these made me smile. What a little sweetie. I hope my kids are half as cute as Emily. xoxox

Hilary and Eric said...

Love that girl!!!

Hollie said...

Oh she is just so sweet! I understand how you feel. Elaina still isn't talking and I don't see it happening any time soon. The non verbal communication is so hard sometimes because I just want to "know" what she wants, but at the same time, she makes herself known and understood. I long for the day I hear her say Mom or Mama, but she says it in so many other ways! Em is just so precious!

Anonymous said...

Thank you again for sharing.

Anonymous said...

This little girl communicates! I love how expressive she is in your photographs. It's really amazing to see the growth and development in your photos ... probably because we long distance readers don't see her day to day, the pictures seem to show leaps and bounds. You are right to be grateful for Emily ... she's quite remarkable!

Leslie in CA

Jay and Megan said...

I think she may surprise you. She is communicating A LOT. One day you may even long for silence as she won't stop jabbering away. She is one smart cookie for sure.

Jay and Megan said...

I think she may surprise you. She is communicating A LOT. One day you may even long for silence as she won't stop jabbering away. She is one smart cookie for sure.

Beth Zimmerman said...

She is so precious! LOVE that girl ... and her mama!

Ali said...

She is one lucky little girl to have parents like you and Jason. And you two are equally lucky to have been blessed with such a beautiful princess. I am so grateful that you 3 have each other!

Amy said...

She's a sweetie - I've been dying to know - did the formula switch last?

Anonymous said...

Just look how good that little chest and tummy is!!! Round and healthy and all healed up!! Oh, dear Emily, you do my heart sooo sooooo good!!! There truly is a Heavenly Father and He takes such good care of us!! Thanks for sharing with us, Mom!!
Love to you all!!

Anonymous said...

Such a precious girl! Have you ever thought about using baby sign language? It is a good way to communicate with kids, I did it with all mine. It's just a thought, Anyway Emily is a cute girl and you are a wonderful mom!

Julie said...

I am so glad I stopped by today to see what's been going on. I love this post Noelle. Most awesome.
I was thinking about you today while I was packing my bibs you got him. I'm sending them to Wyoming so he can stay warm in school. Last year North Dakota, this year Wyoming.
Take care and have the most awesome and blessed weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love the last picture of Emily the most. I agree with the last post too. Emily may not talk to you but she communicates. She is so precious. Thanks for sharing her with all of us.

Shan said...

Pure joy is right!

Amy Johnson Goodman said...

She's an amazing girl, that Emily. Just that little time I got to spend with you guys I could feel something about her. She is delightful and strong; incredibly bright and very expressive. I'll say it again...she is truly amazing! We're all grateful to have her in our lives--thank you for sharing her!