Tuesday, October 9, 2012

On Why Getting Enough Sleep is Important

Jason and I went four wheeling this weekend, while Emily stayed behind and got to know Jason's parents a little bit better.
We've been trying to get away all summer to spend some time with Jason's parents, and this past weekend the stars finally aligned.
I've been telling Jason that I didn't care about what we did, as long as he took me for a ride up the mountain on his dad's four wheeler.

My mother-in-law couldn't quite understand why I didn't want to take my own four wheeler on our ride.
"It's a lot more fun to drive than it is to be a passenger," she told me.

I'm not sure that I explained adequately how in my case, it would be just the opposite.

To spend two and a half hours, just Jason and me, the entire mountain to ourselves - driving seemed too much like work, but riding with Jason, with my arms wrapped around him, that was like a vacation.

The weather was perfect, the scenery was breathtaking, and breathing in the fresh air was good for my soul...

...until I fell asleep against Jason's back and almost fell off the four wheeler when he went over a huge bump.


Bridget said...

SSSooooo pretty!!! Oh, and the mountains and trees are nice too. :)

Anonymous said...


That is so sweet.

All the best.

Hilary and Eric said...

Silly girl!!! How can you fall asleep on a FOUR WHEELER??? Stay in one piece, ok? <3 Hilly

Beth Zimmerman said...

You are so beautiful ... although you kind of look like you could have used a longer nap! Glad you got away for a bit! Love you!