Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Attitude of Gratitude

One of my favorite girls I've never met is Kristin.
She blogs at
One day we are going to meet for lunch - in Disneyland.
But until then, she loves me even when I'm too lazy to actually comment on her blog, and instead comment via text.
(She must love me if she gave me her cell phone number!)

Kristin is my personal blog designer, my personal Christmas card designer, sometimes my personal cheerleader,  and I love her.

She's hosting a blog series this month called Attitude of Gratitude, and she asked me to be one of her guest bloggers.

Please stop by and read my post there today.


Kristyn Monaghan said...

I love Kristin and her blog too! When y'all meet for lunch at Disneyland, please invite me too!

Your post today was beautiful! You are so much stronger than I could ever be!

Vanessa Miller said...

I read this post and it is beautiful. It really makes me think about how fortunate I am to have an amazing little girl to love every single day. You are always in my thoughts.

Jodi said...

Beautiful post Noelle! You do have an amazing talent for writing. You are so strong and amazing, and Miss Emily is very lucky to have you as her Heart mom! Thanks for the reminder that I need to be grateful for sleepless nights and screaming kids!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Cell phone number says I love you? Mine is 918-697-5439. Text away! =)

Kristin @ Simply Klassic Home said...

You are so sweet, thank you for all that you've said! I loved your post. This has been such an amazing series, much more than I ever could have hoped for!

Sylvia Hook said...

As I was reading your guest post at Simply Classic Home, I was taken back 23 years, to the time I received similar news. Over a period of days, I was told my daughter had multiple heart problems and severe hydrocephalus. She would be severely retarded they said, and would never walk, talk, eat, or toilet independently. Blindness was a possibility, and school would not be an option. I was encouraged to consider "placement options."

Well, we got new doctors, and weathered the storms. We went through an open heart surgery, 4 neurosurgeries, 2 years of tube feeding, chronic failure to thrive, 2 ½ years of cyclical vomiting finally attributed to abdominal migraines, and over 40 hospitalizations. We put up with the mostly well-intentioned questions and stares of complete strangers. We, too, felt angered by parents who seemed to take their healthy children for granted. We waited, often with fear, but always with hope, for the light at the end of our very dark tunnel. IT CAME! I am delighted to tell you that my baby is now a 23-year old, healthy, college graduate who is happily married to her childhood sweetheart, a U.S. Air Force Academy graduate who is now a pilot serving in the USAF.

I will never forget the words of one of the obstetricians caring for me at the time who said, "No one knows what God has in store for your child but God! Just love her!" We clung to those words for years, and they served us well. I hope they continue to provide peace and hope to parents in need, and remind us all to shower our children with love, and appreciate the wonders each new day brings.