Friday, November 2, 2012

Family - I Love Mine

You know what's fun?
Working with my brother.

Someone called him a few days ago and gave him a credit card number and said, "I want to pay off the balance that I owe you."
My brother wrote down the credit card information, but nothing else.
And now he can't remember who it was that called.

"It was a woman," he said.

I've been calling my brother randomly all day and giving him a name - trying to jog his memory.
So far I'm striking out.

I can't be too mean to him though, because the other day when I was nigh unto starving to death, my brother let me use his bread and peanut butter to make a sandwich.

And plus we have matching jackets so that has to count for something.

PS.  It's two hours later.  I guessed the right name.  My brother remembered.  It was a man.  HA!


Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Whata beautiful picture of trees. Where are you? I can't see you?


Amy Johnson Goodman said...

All I can say is... I'm sure glad I'm not the only one whose memory is going to the dogs. This totally made me laugh today!

Lalis said...

"It was a man"