Monday, December 3, 2012

Spell Check Does Not Like The Word Binky

Well, it happened.
I wondered how long it would take.
Someone was not a fan of Emily's binky and she let the person she was with know as much - she just didn't know I was right behind her listening to the conversation.

How on earth do you tell someone all of the reasons Em still has her binky?
There is nothing else I can give her to comfort her.
I can't give her a bottle or a sippy cup.
I can't give her a snack.
She doesn't suck her thumb.
The only thing she's attached to, besides my hair, is her binky, and I'm okay with that.

We're actually working on weaning her off of it in certain settings and situations.

But is that anyone's business?

It was a tough weekend for me.
It seemed that every time I turned around something or someone was reminding me that Emily's life is different.
It's a difference I love, but when it seems I have to defend that difference, I get weary.

I pulled into the parking lot for my sister's bridal shower on Saturday and I had red eyes from crying.
My sisters took one look at me and asked, "What's wrong?"
I told them why I had been crying and then I said, "And on top of it all Emily has to have another open heart surgery."  And then I burst into tears again.

My sisters were worried that something drastic had happened that made it necessary for another surgery now.
"No, not now," I said.  "Just someday but isn't that bad enough?"  I couldn't make the tears stop.

I asked my heart mom friends if I would ever get to a point where I wouldn't randomly burst into tears and for the most part they told me no.
Hooray for random tears for the rest of my life!

* * *

Instead of 12 dozen cookies I made 21.
By the time I was done all I wanted to do was crawl into Emily's playroom and cuddle with her big elephant and take a nap.
But by then it was time to take dinner to my family, so that's what I did.

* * *

It's that time of year where I feel the need to remind a lot of people of something:
You're welcome.


Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Confession: remember that time Escabel and I were with you sitting in the gym at the Christmas mission party and we were singing "your song" really loud and obnoxious to you? yeah well, I think of that every time I hear your song.

And I smile.


Dazee Dreamer said...

At least your name is a nice Christmas song. I have songs with my name too.

Just get brave and tell those stupid busy bodies that they need not concern themselves about your child. people upset me.

Elizabeth said...

First of all, Emily just barely turned one. Having a binky at her age it not that big a deal. Second of all, people who criticize other people do it because the are covering up their own shortcomings. Maybe that woman's 15 year-old still picks his nose and eats it and she just wanted to feel better about herself. And thirdly, its none of her freaking business.

I'm not sure why women criticize each other. We all really ought to cut each other a little slack and be a little kinder.

xo -E

P.S. Be glad Emily doesn't suck her thumb. It is attached to the end of her arm, can never be "lost" or given to a child younger than herself who needs it more and you can't just snip the end off it to make it feel weird. If you ever catch me criticizing someone else's parenting, just remind me that my kids sucked their thumbs until they were 8 and 10. That ought to shut me right up.

CK said...

T still has a binky..and she turns TWO tomorrow. If anyone has a problem with it well, it's THEIR problem :)

Kimble Family said...

I don't even remember how I came across your blog, but I have been following it for a few months now. You are an incredible woman and mother. I am glad that your hubby and family know this and remind you of this, and I am sad that others seem to think it is okay to criticize how you choose to raise your baby. Her binky brings her comfort. How is that a bad thing? Don't let the opinions of others get to you, sweet lady. I pray for your baby and family every day :)

Shan said...

Whenever I have been that ignorantly judging person, inevitably I end up having to learn how wrong I was through personal experience. Hopefully the binky judge won't have to worry about how to soothe a child who doesn't yet take anything else orally, but I am sure she will eventually get it.