Wednesday, January 16, 2013


{A note my mom recently found, written by my sister when she was 12 years old}

Dear Mom and Dad,

I'd like to thank you for all you do for me.
I look back at Russia and all the other communist countries and I relize we shouldn't take for grantive all that we have.
I mean like food, clothes, bed, house, and lots of other stuff.
I usually think that's not good enough but it really is.

But all my friends have like LA Gear, Nintendo, mountain bike, computer and big sinthicizers, and I think we need one of those but as I think about it, I think why would you need that to be happy.
I mean that because you can't by love.

Mom, thank you for cooking, sewing, and helping us if we are sad or something.

Dad, thank you for working and giving us enough money to buy needy stuff, and building.

Mom, lately I feel like you've hated me ever since I was born and you wish I was never born.
Cause you've been yelling at me for everything I do and say, and yes, that do's hurt my feelings even if I am just 12 years old.
I do have feelings.

And it hurt my feelings when you and Ben were making fun of my spelling.
So I'm not the world's most perfect speller.

I love you even if you're rude to me sometimes.
I just think of the good things.

Love, Heather


Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Oh my. I split my gut laughing so hard. I have no idea what a "split gut" is exactly, but I'm sure that I did it.


Beth Zimmerman said...

This cracked me up! She was rolling along so nicely there that the shift in the middle was downright shocking! I hope your mom was able to laugh!

My parents recently dug out a letter that my sister had written to them, at around 12, that included a glossary of terms. It was hilarious!

Just wait Noelle ... Em's turn is coming!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely hilarious!