Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's Not Much

As I was getting ready to step into a bubble bath tonight I heard Jason singing downstairs.
He was probably singing something from the Bee Gees.
He had serenaded me earlier in the evening and danced with me in the kitchen.
Jason told me tonight that he can't think of another time in his life when he has had more fun.
He and his little girl are head over heels in love with each other - and they spent all evening laughing and playing together.

Emily has turned into a monkey.
She climbs everything, and falls off of all of it at least three times a day.
She loves life and is as happy a little girl as I've ever known.

We met with her cardiologist last week.
He did an EKG and took a chest x-ray.
For now her heart is doing better than he expected it would be, and he's given us a 5 month break from seeing him.
The next time we do see him, he will sedate Emily and do another echocardiogram.
That echo will more than likely give us an idea of when Em's next open heart surgery will be.
Blech to open heart surgery.

I would like to say that important things have kept me away from blogging, but it would be a lie.
It's a combined lack of inspiration and a new game called Candy Crunch.
I may not have mentioned that Jason gave me an iPad Mini for Christmas, and I've recently discovered the world of iTunes and games that take up too much time.

I'm striving for balance.
Starting tomorrow.

Oh, and look, I decorated for Valentine's Day.

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Jaime Barnhart said...

Oh, ny hubby LOVES candy crunch too!! Try Flow --- its addicting and awesome as well.