Monday, January 21, 2013

Life Lately

I've been busy.
Oh so busy, and busy, and busy.
Which is different than feeling pretty, oh so pretty, and witty and gay.

This weekend I made the best batch of banana bread I've ever made:

I was in charge of Sunday dinner for my family, and I made chili from scratch:

Let's talk about this.
I. Made. Chili. From. Scratch.
And it was good.
Really really good.
My dad took three bites and asked, "Who made this?"
I hesitantly raised my hand and he said, "This is really good!  It's better than Wendy's chili."
And that's saying something because my dad loves the chili at Wendy's.
I. Made. Chili. From. Scratch.
It was a very proud moment.

I started phase 2 of my bedroom remodel.
Do you remember phase 1?

We went nontraditional with the headboard and bench, and took a chance on painting the lamp tables I bought at Pier One.

Phase 2 has been on hold because the girl who helps me with my painting projects had a baby and took some time off.
We delivered our bookshelves to her this past weekend, and I can't wait to see the finished result.
The bookshelves will be the same color as the lamp tables, and will be distressed and antiqued.
And since the bookshelves go against the wall we have been planning on painting our accent color, we've been working on picking that color.

Our bedroom is an utter disaster:

Jason likes #1.
The man at the paint store is hoping for #3.
And although you can't see much of a difference between #1 and #2, my goal tonight is to convince Jason that #2 is our best choice.
I really like #3 but I don't think there is enough contrast between that and the color of the bookshelves.

Jason will be gone all week, working crazy long hours, and so I'm going to attempt to paint the one wall on my own so that it will be done by the time the bookshelves are done.
I'm probably crazy.

Phase 3 will be painting the rest of the room, refinishing the dresser, and if I can sell my curio cabinet, buying the one that I really want.

Anyone want to buy a curio cabinet?

My little lady is standing here next to me, wanting to cuddle.
That's the best reason I can think of to end this post.
I love her.


Elizabeth said...

I'm with the man at the paint store.

xo -E

-stephanie- said...

Such a little Suzy Homemaker you are! :o)

When Jason is gone, paint the wall with #2 (that doesn't sound quite right), and when he comes home, rave about how right he was to have picked #1 as the color for the wall. ;o)

Hugs to Em. We love her too.

Nessa said...

I can't wait to see the finished results of your room. I love it so far. It gives off such a cozy feel.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Are the lamp tables blue now instead of white? I love color #3 and don't see why you don't think there's enough contrast there. Maybe I'm just confused.

So glad that Em is feeling better!

Congrats on the chili success!