Monday, January 7, 2013

Sad Face

There was a time - once - such a long time ago - when I had a happy Emily.
The memory is hazy - but I cling to it, hoping for a brighter future.

Dramatic much?

Let's discuss how I don't understand this idea of attaching the word much to the end of sentences.

Actually, let's not.
Instead let's go back to unhappy Emily.

This is the face that greets me 98% of the day.
Our poor girl!

Last night she couldn't sleep - not even a little bit - and the only time she wasn't whining was when I was holding her.
It was 6:00 this morning before I crawled into my bed for two hours of sleep before Em woke up again.

At 5:00 this morning Jason was changing the sheets on our bed because our girl threw up all over.
It's been rough.

In fact, not three seconds ago, Jason sat down next to me on the couch and after letting out a big breath  said, "This has been a tough few days."

We've digressed so far back from the 'Emily loves her new formula and never throws up' days that it makes me want to cry.

We've got her on an antibiotic and we're hoping that tomorrow she'll smile at us, maybe just once.
And I'm hoping for at least four hours of sleep tonight.

On the bright side, Jason is watching football right now.
What more could a girl want?

(Insert sarcasm)


decnic said...

I'm sorry! Little sleep & unhappy baby is rough :( Here's to things looking up soon'

Bossy Betty said...

Tough days. Yow. That doesn't really cover it does it? Sending hugs and good thoughts to you all.

Lalis said...

Poor Emily!!! I hope she feels better soon.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Praying for you ... and your sweet girl! Hoping today was a better day!

Shan said...

Well, yes, football...

I hope she's well and that you are all smiling and rested soon.

John Bradfield said...

Hey, Noelle,

We would be in the same place with our Little Em if it weren't for her Nissan Wrap. She can't vomit. But that brings its own challenges. She can't burp either, so we vent her through the G-tube.

The last few days she hasn't been able to finish her feedings. She'll get almost finished and then she'll retch hard. I can only imagine what it must feel like to dry heave like that on a full stomach. When she's retching, we grab a feeding syringe and draw out as much air and gunk from her tummy as we can until she stops...then we slowly put it all back, hehehe. The funny thing is that she is always just fine after her initial episode and the re-introduction of her food to her tummy never seems to cause any trouble. It's probably because we get so much air out of her that she can feel good again. I don't know.

I just wanted you to know that I share your least to some degree, and hope that you'll be able to get a good handle on things in the very near future.