Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Definition of Blah

Do you want the good news or the bad news?

The good news is that we aren't in the hospital.
The bad news is that we probably will be within the next 24 hours.

We've been to the pediatrician three times in the last few days.
We've taken Em to have an X-Ray of her gut.
We've had her blood drawn.
We've started her on medicine, and later stopped the same medicine.
We've given her formula, and not given her formula.
We've given her pedialyte and not given her pedialyte.

But mostly we've just held her while she cries, and cleaned her up after she throws up.

The best guess Em's pediatrician and GI doctor have is that she's got some kind of virus in her GI tract.
And because of the virus, Em isn't tolerating anything in her tummy.
Last night she and I were up all night while she moaned and threw up and moaned some more.
Sometime early this morning she threw up quite a bit of blood and it was then that I finally allowed myself to cry.

As long as her tummy is empty she's okay.
Tonight all it took was giving her her medication to make her simply miserable.

I just texted her pediatrician and asked him what we should do: give her fluid and make the misery worse, or not give her fluid and maybe she'll sleep tonight.
They're watching her fluid levels really closely and so far she's not dehydrated.
The pediatrician texted me back and told me I was okay letting her tummy have a break, but that we were probably looking at a one way ticket to the hospital in the morning.

And I was worried that it was going to take me all year to reach my insurance deductible.

My poor girl ... my poor sad little girl.


elizabeth said...

My heart aches for you. x

Judy said...

I'm so sorry...poor Emily! Feel better soon!

Nessa said...

Oh no :(
Hope it all gets cleared up quickly.

jastalfam said...

Poor baby girl, hope she can get better soon!

Lalis said...

This really stinks. The moment we all thought you were out of the deep end (at least for a while), BAM! She gets a horrid virus(?)... and given her history... it is worse than it could be for anyone else. That poor little girl...
You're in my prayers as always, and remember I'm the area near Primary's, so if you need ANYTHING, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Praying REALLY hard for healing and rest for all of you!

Lisa L. said...

Thinking of you - hoping everything is okay. Hugs.

walden said...

I love you, honey, I'm sorry. I'll pray for you guys.



Shan said...


What a horrible, sucky choice. I hope you are all on your way to a happy solution right now.

Julie said...

I hope Em is feeling better and stays that way. You guys all need a break and to be healthy for a very long time. Praying all is going well and getting better.