Monday, January 14, 2013

Things Are Looking Up

Em is okay.
I'll spare you the details of the long long days she and I have had over the last week and a half.
We avoided the hospital, but just barely.

Now that she's past the worst of things, it's my turn to go to the doctor.
I'm sick, and have been for a long time.
Night after night of no sleep hasn't done me any good, and I'm afraid the doctor will tell me I have pneumonia.

Jason was gone for a few days and this is how I entertained Em so that I could take a pseudo nap:

I can't tell you the number of times in the last week I've thought about writing 'The End' of this little blog of mine.
I feel that I'm out of stories - out of anything that would keep a reader entertained and coming back.
I just texted a friend of mine and told her my blog either needed to be retired or given an energy drink.

Maybe I just need the energy drink.
I'll work on that.

(And I didn't write that looking for positive reinforcement.  I'm just thinking out loud.)

My little lady is standing here begging me with her eyes to play with her.
It's 11:30pm and she's wide awake.
Silly girl.


Beth Zimmerman said...

Oh Noelle ... if anyone deserves a break you do but I promise ... we would miss you ... a LOT!

So glad to hear Em is on the mend! Hope and pray you follow suit soon!

Elizabeth said...

Love that outfit Emily has on!

Don't give up just yet. Things always look better in the morning. Rest up, get better, don't stress about writing every day. It's OK to take a break. When you're feeling better, then decide.

xo -E

Nessa said...

You can't retire your blog! Then I wouldn't know what you're up to. If you ever do retire, at least promise you'll come back to give us an update every now and then.
I'm glad Em is getting better. Hopefully it'll rub off on you soon too.

Karlee said...

Don't quit your blog!! No matter what you say, I love reading your blog :)

Julie said...

Oh girl, don't quit. I know I don't get here to often but I do come and visit and read and learn and enjoy and so much more.
Take a break if you need though and I hope that you're getting better now. It's my turn to be sick and it's been a long time and now I remember, I HATE IT!!!
Take care Noelle. Blessings!