Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Letter To My Sister

Dear Becca,

While I appreciate your willingness to give me a heads up on what will happen in upcoming episodes of Downton Abbey, I hope in the future you will be a little more specific.

For instance, if another beloved character dies, will you warn me that at 2:35 in the wee hours of the morning, Jason and I will be sitting on the couch crying - Jason just crying, and me sobbing?

Will you also warn me that the 'goodbye' scene would traumatize me, and have me crying for another 20 minutes after the episode has ended?

If you see Jason and I wearing black, it's because we're joining the family in mourning.

Good grief!

Love always,

Your sister

PS.  Dear world, I love that little girl of ours.

She's adorable - both as a little girl and as a story book picture.


Judy said...

I didn't watch Downton Abby the same day everyone else in the world did and people's posts on FB would totally spoil the episode. But yes, I cried too.

rplatt said...

Dear Noelle,

I can't tell you everything. What fun would that be.... I love this little girl also!!!!!

Love me

Lalis said...

Oh... I have mourned as well...

Elleny said...

Oh boy. That darn Downton Abbey will suck you right in. If you haven't made it to the final episode of this season then you better prepare for some more heartbreak.

Julie said...

Good evening Noelle. Just had to stop by and catch up. Emily is getting so big. Mike didn't do binkies he had his thumb from before he was born to way into grade school. They lose it when they're ready. I would of loved to of been a stay at home mama too but the closest I could do was be a at home daycare mama. This is my last summer at doing that, it's sad but Mike is now 21, my oldest daycare wee one is now 13 and her sister 10, they are growing up. But I did get to be at home for some awesome wee ones and my own.
I'm sorry I haven't stopped by in a bit but am so glad I took tonight and did.
Take care Noelle and have an awesome evening. I hope that the stress goes away soon and that spring pops in and turns everything beautiful. Spring for us is at least 6-8 weeks away and tonight 12" are falling as I'm typing.
Blessings my friend!