Sunday, February 17, 2013

Emily's Grandpa Has A Farm

(sung to the tune of Old McDonald...)

Actually, Emily's grandpa doesn't have a farm, just a farm feed and supply store.
He wants to have a farm, and if he can ever convince Emily's grandma that she wants a farm too...

(Just between you and me, I'm not sure Emily's grandma will every come around to Grandpa's way of thinking.)

Emily's grandpa has a pretend farm -

And on his pretend farm he has rabbits and ducks and baby chicks.
Emily recently discovered the baby chicks.

It's fitting that she's visiting Grandpa's pretend farm wearing her overall skirt don't you think?

If Emily's grandpa ever does have a farm Emily's Uncle Ben is going to insist having a cow or two.
And Emily's Aunt Rachel really wants an elephant.
I hate to disappoint her, so on the chance she doesn't get her elephant I have a back up plan.

Emily's Aunt Amanda had this made for her.
It's cute beyond words, and Emily didn't mind wearing it, for at least 30 seconds.

Dear Aunt Rachel, will this work if you don't get your elephant?

Emily's grandpa will one day have a real farm, and I'm quite certain Emily will love it there.

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Alejandra said...

You have to take her to Mexico. She'll enjoy the animals that my dad has by the office ;)