Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Take Nothing For Granted

I am rarely able to take a day off of work without feeling guilty about it.
Even more rarely do I take a day off for something other than therapy/doctor/sick days for Em - which means I shouldn't feel guilt ... I know, I know.
Today however, I had an entire day at home.
Guilt free.
When the fire department shuts your business down, it's a day as guilt free as you're going to get.

This is the business next door - right next door - like 30 steps from their parking lot to ours - like some of those trees in the background are on our side of the property line:

The fire was reported sometime early early this morning, and at 5:00 tonight it still wasn't completely out.
We'll most likely have smoke damage - my mom is secretly hoping it's enough smoke damage to have the insurance pay to clean all the carpets in our store.
We know the family who owns this business - we've known them for a long time.
We also know the emotional trauma that comes with losing something you've put your heart and soul into by fire.

Some days are simply better than others.

Look where our girl ended up during her nap - I'm pretty sure she sleep crawls:


-stephanie- said...

How heartbreaking.

That Em is a funny girl.

Sandra said...

It was so sad to wake up to the news of what was going on in town. And I know that I am going to be so disoriented driving past there everyday. It has been a landmark to me for the last 30 years of living here.

Dazee Dreamer said...

When I was watching the news yesterday morning, I was worried it was your building. I'm glad it wasn't but my heart goes out to the people that do own it. so, so, sad.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Hope the damage to your business is limited to the need to clean the carpets!

Emily is precious as always, even bottoms up!