Tuesday, February 19, 2013

World Views

I've noticed something recently that makes me laugh.
I can almost guarantee that when Jason brings up a topic of conversation, it will be about something he recently read in the news.
He reads a lot of news.
In fact, at this moment while I'm typing this, Jason is reading an article out loud - I'm sure he's reading it to me.
It doesn't matter that I'm not really listening - he's still reading.

If I bring up a topic of conversation, it's most likely about something I read on Facebook, or on a blog, or something I overheard someone say.

Jason talks about facts and percentages.
I tell stories.

At the grocery store the other night our conversation went something like this:

Jason: I read _______ about Apple and Steve Jobs. (I'm sorry Jason, but I don't remember what you told me."

Noelle: Another heart friend passed away.

Jason: Did you know that a gold mine in Tooele County is going to use cyanide ...

Noelle: My friend's daughter is really sick.

Jason: There are a lot of rumors of Apple coming out with a watch.

Noelle: I read a blog today about a little boy who...

You get the idea.

Poor Jason, he probably hates telling me about what he reads.
Tonight he told me of an article he read about a young boy who needed a heart transplant and parents who agreed to donate their son's organs.

"A mom and her daughter went through a long list of people who needed transplants, hoping to choose a good match for their son/brother," Jason told me.

"Are you really sure that's how it happened?" I asked.
"You can't just pick and choose who gets what and when, You have to consider things like blood type and antibodies, and the potential for rejection based on a lot of factors. There is no way those women could just randomly pick someone they wanted to donate the organs to."

Jason went back and read the article again and told me the details that were missing the first time around: mostly that the women worked with an organ donation team, not on their own.

A few minutes later he told me another article about the meteor that recently exploded in Russia.

"It's worth ________ times the amount of gold per ounce." (I can't remember the amount he told me.)

"Why is it worth that much?" I asked.
He didn't know.
"And who would pay for a piece of a meteor?"
He didn't know that either.

I need details to stories - and if someone tells me a story that is missing details that I consider important, I go crazy.

Crazy I tell you.

Here's the last thing I will tell you about what Jason has talked about tonight.

Katy Perry.
She can't do anything right.
She wears something too revealing and she gets in trouble.
She wears something modest and she gets in trouble for dressing like her grandma.

"It's ridiculous," he said.

I agree.
It's ridiculous.

Here's really the last thing.
A Russian diplomat was recently found dead in a barrel of cement.

Oh...and "Hollywood is full of a bunch of fad followers." (He just told me I could put that in my blog.)

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Janci Olds said...

They use meteorite to make jewelry. My wedding ring and my husband's are made from meteorite. It is awesome, but not cheap.