Monday, March 18, 2013

A Post About Shoes

It's 1:35 in the morning.
Would you like to know what Jason and I are doing? ... What we've been doing for the last hour?

Looking at shoes online.
It's safe to say we're nerds.

Jason has some perks with his job and one of them is getting deals on a lot of cool things.
After an hour of looking at every single shoe on the Keen website, we ordered each of us a pair of shoes, and we got 50% off our entire order.

Because I think they're possibly the cutest shoes on the planet I'll show you what we got Emily:

Feel free to come back to this page any time you need a dose of happiness.
Am I weird that shoes make me happy?

Okay, here I'll show you the shoes I got too:

Jason's probably going to want me to post a picture of his shoes too, but mens shoes do not instill happiness the way that girls shoes do.

(image source here)

Speaking of cute and happiness, I am in love with this outfit:

If you'd like a glimpse into our world Jason just told me, "Dear, you get ticked off easily."
I think it's a brave soul who says that to the woman he thinks gets ticked off easily don't you?

He probably said that because earlier tonight we were watching a show about a guy who was dying.
He was donating his organs and they had a small window of opportunity to harvest the organs.
The man's mother was with him when he died and she was hugging her son and crying inconsolably.
The doctor gently had to pry the woman off of her son so that his dying wish of saving other lives could be granted.

I had compassion for the woman while Jason called her selfish.
Naturally I came to the woman's defense, while Jason argued on behalf of the organs.
I told Jason it was a good thing it was just a TV show because in real life I would have been annoyed at his side of the conversation.

There's always something here at the Because Nice Matter home.

I can guarantee that sometime tomorrow my mom will read my blog and notice the time it was posted.
She will then say to me, "Why were you up so late?"
I will have no good answer.

I'll tell you what I'm most bitter about before I end this post.

It's March 18th, and I have three of the most painful mosquito bites I've ever had - all on my right hand.


What kind of crazy mosquito is out in March?

Here, a picture of one exhausted Emily: (It's a good thing I put her in her pajamas before we left Grandma's house!)

Have a good Monday!

PS.  Dolly, I have the name of the teepee lady but I don't know how to contact you.  Help!  


Tiff said...

I think you're crazy to be up so late...but the shoes are dang cute!!

Erka said...

Hahaha, we had the SAME argument at our house, husband was annoyed at the mom and actually talked to the TV saying, "Come on lady, move or it's going to be too late!" I got mad at him and told him, "forget the organs, her whole world just crumbled, goodness!"
Really love Emily's outfit too!

Sandra said...

Oh, shoes make me happy too and I love both of those. I may need to get me some.

Emily is all cuteness

Nessa said...

Adorable shoes! I have an obsession when it comes to baby shoes. And clothes. And anything really. But especially shoes.
I guess you would say I get 'ticked off' easily too. I'm always getting into tiny disagreements with boyfriend over small things.