Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Post In Which I Talk A Lot

I almost died from a migraine last night.
It was not pretty.
The migraine carried over into today, and I now have enough caffeine in my body to keep me awake until Saturday.

This post will likely reflect that caffeine.

Somewhere in the middle of my delirium last night I came up with a brilliant plan.
I could barely talk without feeling like I was going to lose my insides, but I mumbled to Jason, 
"In June when they sedate Emily to do her echocardiogram, I'm going to ask them to have a pediatric dentist there to clean her teeth at the same time.
I might go so far as to ask him to count her teeth so that we know how many she really has."

Take that Little Miss who won't open her mouth!

Actually, the other day I was eating a peanut butter sandwich and she let me put it to her lips.
She didn't open her mouth but she didn't turn her head away either.
Baby steps.

I've been busy the last little while.

I got rid of my boring bowls and got bright cheery ones:

I'm looking for cheery plates next.

I decorated for Easter:

I snuck away for a night out with one of my best friends.
We got pedicures, did some shopping, and went to dinner.
I found a new children's clothing store and fell in love.
Their spring line is full of elephants.

(I'm now grounded from going back to that store.)
((At least for a little while.))

Emily and I went to visit some neighbors tonight and Em had a long conversation with their dog.

It was possibly the cutest thing I've seen her do - at least in the last two days.

The dog, who is in his home so as not to scare Elimy, would bark and then Em would talk back, over and over again.
I love this girl.

We found Elimy's happy place today:
I was looking for alphabet magnets and we got distracted.

And then tonight we got sucked into a boutique full of cutesy things and came away with this:

Mostly Em just loves crawling through the door and out the back of the teepee, but her favorite game on the iPad distracted her long enough to get this picture.

Is it obvious that my favorite color is purple?

Okay,  I have to pretend to sleep because Emily will wake up way too early and Jason is out of town which means I won't get to beg him to let me sleep just a little longer.
Plus, it's after 2 am and I'm starving.
If I stay awake any longer I'll meander down to the kitchen and eat something that will probably give me heartburn.

Oh the joy that is my life!

Honestly though, there is a lot of joy.


Sam said...

Oh Noelle. That daughter of yours makes my heart melt. She is so. darn. adorable. And I could be in the worst of moods, and her sweet little face brightens my day.

Also, I am a wee bit jealous she gets to be sedated during a dental experience... I wonder if I could request that. Eek.

I love your cheerful bowls!

And I am the same way.. the only solution to early AM hunger is sleep. I always regret when I make it down the kitchen. :p

Bridget said...

Loved these pics!! Em is so flipping cute!

Courtney said...

She is so beautiful! And I want that teepee!

Nessa said...

That teepee is the cutest!
I'm pretty much grounded from all kids stores. I'm horrible when it comes to buying clothes for the little ones.

Dolly said...

Hi Noelle, I love reading your blog. My grandson was born about the same time as Emily was and it's fun to see the stages that they both go through. Also, I get bits and pieces of info about your parents and siblings and I love to see that they are doing so well. I have been looking online for a tent for my grandson because I tend him part time at my house. I have been discouraged by either the prices or the looks of the tents I have seen. I love this one, though I might like it in a different color since we have a boy! Can you tell me how to get in touch with the person at boutique that you got the tent from? Thanks, Noelle, and have fun with Elimy! Dolly Worthington (Yorgason) Piatt