Wednesday, March 27, 2013

In Our World We Don't Love Colds

Remember the 17 important things I had to tell you?
They got trumped by a very sick little girl.
Emily and I called in sick to work today, she was that miserable.
80% of our day was spent with Emily cuddled on my lap - 100% of our day included Disney Junior.
If you missed an episode of Jake and the Neverland Pirates or Doc McStuffins, let me know; I can fill you in.

I'm thinking Em's illness has something to do with the fact that she licks everything.

She thought she was in heaven in the freezer section at Target.
She wanted out of the cart more than I've ever seen, and when I let her down she made a beeline to the glass where she immediately started to lick it.

And the next picture isn't so much Emily licking as kissing.
It's her routine.
She goes in the playroom and before she does anything else she kisses every single character on the wall.
Today she even gave some love to the blue handle you can see poking up behind her head.

I've tried telling her about germs but she doesn't listen.

"Mom, you're boring.  Can we please talk about Minnie Mouse?"
That's what she says to me with her face.

Last night Em woke up every single hour, and tonight looks like it will be more of the same.
Poor little girl.

* * *

On Sunday we were all together for dinner, and the kids were playing school.
They designated Grandpa as the principal and any time the teacher thought someone needed discipline she sent them to Grandpa.

One time Principal Grandpa sent Josh outside to collect 17 rocks as his punishment.
(Josh LOVES all this rock related and was in heaven.)

When sweet Kate, who just turned 8, appeared before the principal he asked what her offense was.
"I stood up," Kate replied.

"Kate, I want you to go and write 'I will not stand up' twenty times and then come back."

Grandpa laughed for a long time when Kate came back with her hand written punishment:

 Emily is stirring so I'll end this for now and go and check on my girl.

Have a great Thursday World!


Connie said...

Love it! I guess Kate outsmarted Grandpa. Kids are so literal:)

CK said...

I hope Emily feels better soon.

Ha..."I will not stand up 20 times" - classic!

Julie said...

I hope Em is feeling better and no one got whatever she had.
I hope you had an awesome Easter.
Take care Noelle, blessings!!

Nessa said...

Grandpa sounds like a fun guy. The story made me giggle a little.
Hope Emily is feeling better! Poor girlie.