Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shots and an Anniversary

I have a medical bill that greets me every time I sit down at my desk.
It's been front and center, reminding me that I need to pay it.
I haven't though, because it's nearly $1300.00 and I've been hoping that if I waited long enough I would find gold, or a long lost wealthy relative who left me money...something.

When I saw the bill today I sighed and stuffed it under a stack of work bills, knowing that any day now I would be getting my second bill in the mail - one for a similar amount.

Emily qualifies for a shot that helps to prevent RSV.
She gets one a month, for five months.
$1300.00 is the amount that is due after our insurance pays the rest.
The total amount of each shot is over $5,000.00 - it should seem that $1300.00 is pocket change.

With the bill out of sight for a little while, I got to work doing other things.

Later this afternoon I noticed that I had a voicemail.
It was the manager of my pediatrician's billing department.
She was calling to make sure I knew about the programs that are in place to help those who qualify, pay for the Synagis shot.

What I didn't know was that program was plural.
We don't qualify for the only program I knew about.

She gave me the phone number of an office I didn't know about and as soon as I finished listening to the message I called the number.

Not five minutes later I had a credit card number that I could use to pay for the Synagis shots.

"What's the catch?" I asked the lady I was speaking to.

"Am I going to have to pay this back at some point?"

I don't ever have to pay it back.
There is no catch.

Things like this don't happen to me.

I called the pediatrician's office and when all was said and done, I had paid for two of Emily's Synagis shots, and had $30 left over on the card.

I called my mom and told her about it and said, "It's true!  God really does look out for me!"

I'll be honest, I've had some days lately where I've wondered if I had been forgotten about.

Emily has an appointment in the morning for her third Synagis shot.
I'll get another bill, but at least this time we're close to reaching Em's out of pocket maximum.

* * * * *

Jason and I were married three years ago today.
There are hundreds of reasons I'm grateful we met, but the one at the top of my list is that Jason and I get to be parents to our sweet girl...expensive shots and all.


Courtney said...

Happy Anniversary Noelle!

And YAY for God watching out for you! It's so WONDERFUL to read about things like that happening to good and deserving people :)

Nessa said...

Aww I'm so happy you found a program to help pay for the shots! That's a huge amount of money to have to worry about.
Happy anniversary!

Lalis said...

Congratulations on your Anniversary!

Also... I have some really strong opinions on the prices of those shots, but.... I'll leave that for another venue.

Leslie said...

I just love reading your posts. YOu always manage to find the good even during the many hard times your family has had. I'm SO glad to hear about that call you got that ended up helping with the costs of those shots. And a very happy anniversary to you!!!

Karen Mortensen said...

What an amazing story. God really does provide a way. Congratulations on your anniversary.

Julie said...

Happy Anniversary.

God works his miracles every day. I'm glad he shared with you today.

God bless you and your family.