Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sleepy Girls

If I'm awake I might as well write something - it seems as good a plan as any.
Emily has had a sad night.
Her little tummy is not her friend, and Emily and I have both had to change our pajamas as a result.
She's currently occupying my space, trying to fall asleep.

This girl of ours is somewhat of a celebrity.
I took her to Target this weekend and we were stopped twice by people who recognized her before they saw me.
They both said, "Emily!" and then said hi to me.
It makes me smile to know the number of people there are who care for my daughter.

Just a few days ago my sister Becca and I ran to the store for some supplies for work.
It was somewhere in the middle of the hand soap isle that Becca said to me, "I pray for Emily.  I pray that she'll live a long life because I don't know what I'd do without her."
Emily and her Aunt Becca have a special bond.

I had seventeen things I wanted to tell you but I'm tired and my eyes are heavy.
I'll try to remember all seventeen things for tomorrow, because I'm sure every last thing is important.

Thank you for loving my little girl.
It's easy to do isn't it?


Angelwithatwist said...

AACCKK Noelle I come by on the days you seem to make me all teary eyed. She is so beautiful. I hope her tummy gets better quick..

walden said...

Yes! :)

Julie said...

Yes it is. YES!!!!
And her mama.