Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Little Note From Emily

Hi World.
I've been sick.
A lot sick.
My doctors and my mommy are taking care of me so that I can stay out of the hospital.

My daddy has been out of town and last night Mommy told me we could have a slumber party in her bed.
Mommy says sleeping in the rocking chair is getting kind of old, and she thought we would like her bed better.
She was right!

Whenever I woke up coughing or crying my mommy was right there to snuggle me and I really liked that.
I haven't been sleeping very well and mommy said I was exhausted.
I think Mommy is exhausted too because whenever I look at her she has her eyes closed.

My doctor tested me for strep throat yesterday because my throat is so red, but Mommy said it was red just because I've been crying and screaming so much.
My throat really really hurts, but there isn't anything Mommy can do to help it because I won't put anything in my mouth.
Mommy has tried to squirt water in my mouth with a syringe but I get mad at her and hit the syringe away.

Last night I heard Mommy pray to Heavenly Father and ask Him to help my throat feel better.
Mommy was crying a little bit because she felt so helpless.
After Mommy finished praying I stopped crying and looked up at Mommy and smiled.
I even got off of the couch and played with my toys for a little while.
I didn't cry for a long time because my throat felt better.
Mommy said it was a tender mercy but Grandma said it was a miracle.
I didn't say anything but I knew that if Mommy prayed, Heavenly Father would help me.

Mommy says I'm missing a small piece of one of my chromosomes, and that is why I get sick a lot.
She says it's harder for me to get better when I'm sick for the same reason.
Mommy says that my missing chromosome is the reason my tummy gets so upset sometimes, and is the reason for my broken heart.

Sometimes my mommy gets really sad about that missing chromosome, because not having it makes my life kind of hard.
But then Mommy reminds us that it also makes my life really special.

Mommy says I have lots of people who love me and who pray for me.
And I have an extra special heart filled with love and purity.
Mommy says that when people are around me they feel peace.
She says it's because I'm filled with extra light from heaven.

Mommy says that Heavenly Father loves me a lot, and He will always be there to help me.
Mommy doesn't have to tell me that part, because it's the one thing I know more than anything.
He's always been there - when I'm sick or scared, or when I'm going in for another surgery.
I know Mommy can't see Him, and I know a lot of people don't even believe in Him, but World, I know that my Heavenly Father is real and that He loves me, and that's way more important than some silly missing chromosome.

I think I need to take another nap now.
Thanks for checking up on me World.




Jill said...

I love you Em and mommy. Some of the bravest girls I know. Hugs to you both.

Jill said...

I love you Em and mommy. Some of the bravest girls I know. Hugs to you both. Such a sweet testimony. Good to read on an especially hard day. Love you much!

wjmom said...

Dear Emily,

You are a lucky girl to know so much while you are so young. I know that part of the reason you have such great faith in your Heavenly Father is because he blessed you with a wonderful, faith-filled mommy. Hold her hand tightly. You already hold her heart.

And mine.


Lynne Mathis said...

Hi Em, I am a mommy that understands about heavenly, special, light filled children. I want you to know I pray for you and your mommy. Heavenly Father knows how to get my prayers from Alabama all the way to you! I tell my daughter about you when I read your mommy's blog. Sometimes she asks about you. I hope you get better soon! Love, Annie and Katie

-stephanie- said...

Oh Emily, You are so right about your Heavenly Father. He loves you more than any of us do, if that even seems possible. Get better sweet baby girl. I pray you and your mommy get some much needed sleep.

Lalis said...

Sometimes it is so hard to see how these things will give us experience and be for own good... Especially Emily's good.

Really, really hard.

I can only assume that Em must be a really old and wise soul, one of God's chosen daughters being refined to become an even shinier diamond, or something even greater than that.

As always, you are in my prayers.

Cha Yungco-Salvador said...

Dear Emily,

Yes, God loves you so much that He gave you such a loving and caring mommy. I know He will make you well soon and you can go back home. My prayers are with you and your mom and dad.


Beth Zimmerman said...

Aw Emily,
You brought tears to my eyes, girl child! Your Heavenly Father does love you! So very much! And He loves your mommy too! Would you please remind her that when we pray for you ... we pray for her too! And we ask Heavenly Father to wrap BOTH of you up in His tender mercies and give you healing and peace and joy! And tell your mommy that it's okay to ask for help! It may be more blessed to give than to receive but ... if no one is willing to receive ... us givers are never going to get those blessings! Sleep tight sweet Em! Know that you are much loved, baby girl! From all over the globe!

Vijayalakshmi said...

Aunt Viju is starting to understand this silly chromosome thing. But, you know what, Emily? Your mommy's prayers will make you a big, strong girl, continuing to contribute lots of love and joy to the world when we're all a 102 and you're umm 70-something. You get my point, doing you?

I'm wishing you perfect good health and vitality.

I love you, sweetie.


Julie said...

I hope you're feeling better Emily. I hope mama is getting some sleep too. I know it's super hard for all of you but you are so right, the Lord is there to take care of you all and I'm sending up my little prayers too.
Take care girlie. Blessings to you and your family!!