Sunday, April 7, 2013

And I Don't Even Like Dogs

I spent most of Saturday in my pajamas.
I was a busy girl: cleaning my house, doing laundry, taking care of a sick little girl, eating popcorn ...
If you happened to see me outside in my pajamas, just know it takes something drastic to get me to open the door, let alone leave the house, when I'm in my pjs.

We share a common backyard with most of our neighbors, and when I looked out my window to see why my neighbor's dog was yapping so loudly, I noticed two little boys picking on him.

I watched for a few minutes to see if the neighbors would come to the dogs rescue but when they didn't, I put on a sweater over my less than modest pajama top and ran outside.

"Hey, you guys should be nice to the dog," I said.
The little kids had been kicking it and throwing rocks at it.
The older of the two kids just looked at me while the younger one picked up another rock.
By this point the dog was cowering under a bench on the pack patio.
I stepped in front of the boy and said, "Don't you dare throw that rock.  You guys get on your bikes and go find your mom."

(I don't know the boys or I would have found their mom for them.)

I went back inside after the boys got on their bikes, but watched from the window to make sure they actually rode away.
They didn't.

The younger brother got off his bike and headed back over to the dog.
The older brother picked up a rock and threw it at his little brother and started yelling at him.

The younger brother started crying and I went out and picked him up and held him for a minute.

"We don't throw rocks at dogs or our brothers," I said.
I picked up the bikes, helped the younger boy on his bike while he still screamed, and said, "I'm serious.  Go find your mom.  Now."

They rode off, all the while the little boy screamed his head off.

Within one minute of me walking back in my house, the neighbor came out and took the dog inside.
Those neighbors.
They probably stood inside watching the entire thing.
Me in my pajamas defending a dog - the neighbors need to get out more if that's as exciting as their day got.


Carol said...

I am SO PROUD of you! And shame on the neighbors for doing nothing, like THANKING you.

Lalis said...

You're a better person than I am.

I would have yelled at those kids and probably called the cops on them for animal abuse. Or at least threaten to call the cops on them. Then used a few other choice words.

Yup, you're a MUCH better person than me :)

Beth Zimmerman said...

Good for you! You protected an innocent animal and showed some little boys that some people do care how they act and they can't get away with EVERYTHING!

Dazee Dreamer said...

That just made me so sad. You are a kind person.