Monday, April 1, 2013

For The Love...

If I'm going to have to live with this:

shouldn't I at least be able to blame something like a cruise or a Caribbean vacation?

Dumb dumb work.

And yes, I know, sunscreen...
I've never burned in my life.
I have always tanned - always.

Dear skin, next time I would appreciate a memo letting me know that you're going to change things up.  

If you know a secret remedy to ease the incredible pain I'm in, feel free to send it my way!
In the meantime, I'm going to wake Jason up and ask him to spray more aloe vera.


Know of a place I can get a cute hat that does more for me than the hat I was wearing did?

Dumb work.


There I was, doing hard, physical labor, labor that no one else at my place of employment has ever even considered doing, burning my poor skin nigh unto death, and my rake broke.
A brand new rake.

Insult to injury is what it is.


Angelwithatwist said...

White vinegar and water. soak paper bags with it and lay it on the burns. It pulls the burn out. Trust me my husband got burned way worse than that and spent hours in a tub filled with vinegar water per doctors orders. Followed by Ice burn lotions. Life savers.

Elizabeth said...

Smear it with a very liberal coat of Noxema. Really. It works.

xo -E

Jaime Barnhart said...

Use REAL aloe vera. Rip open the leave of the plant and use the real aloe to rub on the burn. Its AMAZING!!!!!!!

Melissa & J.D. said...

Lavender essential oils. It helps to soothe the burn. I am one that ALWAYS burns and it has worked wonders for me since I was told about it. The added bonus is lavender has a soothing/calming property to it too.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Having lived through a severe sunburn, complete with sunstroke, when I was living it up in Acapulco, I can tell you that time is the best medicine. But real aloe, Noxema, and vinegar soaked rags help in the meantime. Unfortunately then Jason would probably go sleep on the couch!

Love you, sweet girl!