Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Quick Hello

Thank you to all of you who have emailed asking about my sister.
Life inside the hospital is steady and calm, while life outside the hospital is beyond insane.
This week and next are typically our two busiest weeks of the year at work, and although I text my sister regularly, and managed to find a minute last night to visit her in the hospital, I haven't had even two minutes to update those of you who care and are concerned...until now.

The nurses in the NICU are ever amazed at how well baby Winn is doing, and my sister is being released from the hospital sometime this afternoon.
I'll update from time to time but if you'd like you can read my sister's blog for more regular updates:

Emily is healthy again, and I'm praying it will be for longer than just a week.
I can always tell when she's over an illness completely because she tolerates her feeds without any problem.

I got a phone call today from the cardiologist's office.
New week, Thursday morning bright and early, Emily and I will check into the hospital where they will sedate my little lady and do an echo cardiogram.
It's been 6 months and they want to make sure that her leaking pulmonary valve hasn't cause her left ventricle to become too enlarged.
The results of this echo will likely give us a time frame for when Em's next open heart surgery will be.

I've said it before...I wish all of you could spend just one hour in my little one's presence.
The pure love that radiates from her ... it calms the most troubled of hearts.


Lalis said...

So glad your sister and nephew are doing well! I hope Em's echo will only give you good news.

Jaime Barnhart said...

SO great to hear that your sis is doing well and that baby boy of hers is doing so well too -- he is adorable and so small! What a lucky boy to have such a cool family! :)

And Emily -- good luck to her at the echo -- sending a prayer for a LONG time before the next surgery. ANd yes, she is seriously cute --- just her picures and your stories about her make me adore her.

Beth Zimmerman said...

He is so TINY! You know that we will be praying for you and Emily! Love you!

Dazee Dreamer said...

Your sister is in my thoughts and prayers. As are you and Emily. I wish your echo cardiogram was at the Riverton Primary Childrens. I volunteer there at the front desk on thursdays.