Wednesday, May 1, 2013

One night before Jason left for his 8 day backpacking trip he was doing some 'research' on his computer.

"I can't decide on a backpack," he told me.

I looked over at him and he had this page open on his laptop:

They varied in size but Jason's main concern was the color.

"I don't want to look too girly' he told me.

After he spent a few more minutes looking at the packs I asked him if I were going to have to hide his debit card.

"Dear, I have every one of these packs."

"Of course you do," I said.

My husband is a gear nut!

(Thankfully he didn't pay for the packs - just one of the benefits of his job.)

* * *

Our little lady is sick.

Woe is all of us.

Em needs a break from all things sick, and I just want one night where I get more than one hour of uninterrupted sleep.

It's probably too much to ask!

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