Friday, June 7, 2013

Since We Last Met

Jason wrecked his road bike.

That was with his helmet.
He's really sore today, but thankfully he didn't have a concussion.

Em became a monkey.

We rearranged our living room so that she couldn't climb the furniture and swing the pictures on the walls back and forth.  She can still climb the furniture, she just doesn't have access to my paintings.

I stayed up late last night custom designing a pair of Chacos.

I even got to pick the color of the stitching!
I haven't shipped them or anything, they're just sitting in my cart at the Chaco website.
I have a year before my discount code expires (Jason knows a guy) so one of these days...

Here's something I have failed to mention.
Emily drinks little sips of water.
She loves to take sips of the water when she's taking a bath (before it's soapy) and she'll take tiny sips from my water bottle.
The other night she tasted Jason's ice cream bar, and tonight she willingly licked a crouton and then some ranch dressing off a slice of a cucumber.
The phrase baby steps was invented for situations like this - it gives Jason and I great hope that maybe one day we'll get to take the feeding tube out of our girl's tummy!

BUT ...
The biggest thing that has happened since we last met?
Emily became a genius overnight.

Perhaps this is typical of an almost two year old, but for someone who is supposed to have big time learning disabilities, she's on track for showing the world what's really up with her chromosome deletion.

(If you're reading this in your reader, this is the part where you might have to click over to my blog so that you can watch this video of Em.  It really is amazing.)

After she got tired of this toy last night I got out a piece of paper and wrote the numbers 1-5 in a random order.  (Thinking that she might have the toy memorized or something.)

She knows her numbers.
And she carries that paper everywhere she goes.
I wrote numbers on both sides of the page and tonight when I asked her where the number three was she pointed to three and then turned the page over and pointed to the other three.
She knows when she's right because she'll point and give us the biggest smile.

Every time she saw a number today she got excited.
License plates, price tags at a shoe store, clocks...
It's overnight I'm telling you!

She knows higher numbers too - up to nine.  I haven't tested her higher than that.
We'll ask her to point to a certain number and she'll study the numbers and then point.
She's almost always right.

I can't decide if she's going to be an accountant - maybe play around with the stock market - or be the next Rain Man.

Regardless, I'm incredibly proud of my little lady.
Every single day she amazes me.

And on top of it all, she's cute.


Elizabeth said...

Emily is super cute! And that is so awesome about the numbers.

Poor Jason! I'm glad it wasn't anything worse.

xo -E

Mom on a Line said...


-stephanie- said...

Yay EM! Smartypants. :o)

Love when she sticks her little tongue out.

Yes, she is cute.

Re: Jason's head. Ouch!
I better start wearing a helmet.

Erka said...

So cute and pretty darn smart, you go Emily!!! Now see if you can get her a similar toy with the letters of the alphabet, my daughter had one and she learned her letters just like Emily with numbers. Also, you can get her a doodle pad, I found those every helpful at that stage and you can write and erase the numbers/letters as you please. I think you might just have a future accountant or math genius in your hands. That video brought tears to my eyes as it reminded me of the time my daughter started doing those things so young, the shock I went through, especially since I had been taking her to a neuro and craniofacial specialist since she was born every one to three months for evaluations and monitoring of any 'delays' they expected her to have. Anyways, Emily is simply amazing!

Carol said...

She is SO Cute!!!

aimee said...

I don't comment regularly but follow Miss Emily....this made my heart smile. Glad she's doing well even if they're baby steps.

Beth Zimmerman said...

She is absolutely wonderful!

So glad that Jason wasn't hurt worse! Tell that man to be careful!

CK said...

Noelle-thank goodness Jason is ok. What happened? My husband and I both cycle - he has been hit TWICE!
And that little girl of yours? BEAUTIFUL AND SMART!!!!

Dazee Dreamer said...

ok, Jason's head just looks so sad. Good thing he was wearing a helmet.

I can't believe Emily is almost 2.