Monday, July 29, 2013

How Emily Spent Her Weekend

Hi World!

It's me, Emily.

Mommy said I could tell you all about the fun I had over the weekend!
World, I'm a lucky girl because my family loves me so much!
We spent a few days with my daddy's mommy and daddy, and some of my cousins and my aunt and uncle were there too.

Those cousins...they love me and they take such good care of me!

I have one cousin who loves me a lot - I think I'm his favorite.  He always tells me he loves me and he gets excited when I hug him or want to be around him.
He made my mommy laugh because one time he said, "Emily really wants to be around me.  Actually, it's getting kind of creepy."

World, I did so many things!
I went on a hike with my daddy, I threw rocks in the stream with my aunt, I played in the back of my grandpa's truck, and I laughed and clapped my hands a lot!

We went to a parade and I went on my first skateboard ride.

One morning right after I woke up my cousins took me outside and let me draw on the sidewalk with chalk.
I had so much fun!

I was sad when the rain washed my pictures away.

(World, my cousin took most of these pictures and Mommy wishes my cousin could just follow us around all the time.  She takes such cute pictures of me!)

The town did fireworks one night in the rain.
Grandpa put up chairs in the garage and we could see the fireworks perfectly.
Every time I saw a new one I would look at Mommy and Daddy to make sure they were watching too.

When I grow up I want to play the piano like my daddy and I spent a lot of time practicing on the same piano that my daddy practiced on when he was a little boy.
Mommy says I have great form, and she says my music is beautiful.

Mommy says Grandma is a great cook but I wouldn't know about that...I guess you will have to take Mommy's word for it.

Mommy says that everyone in my family loves me.
Guess what World, I love them too.

And I love you!



Mom on a Line said...

The pictures are fabulous. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend :)

Marci said...

She is adorable Noelle!!
Seriously cutest.and smartest.:)

Lynne Mathis said...

What a sweet time for you little Emily! Love is truly a beautiful thing, and you have a whole lot of it! All the memories you made will live forever in your heart :)