Sunday, July 7, 2013


It seems so long ago when I blogged every day - when I had something to blog about every day.

My cousin was talking to me the other day and said, "Remember when you lived a different life?"
This question came after he walked into my office and found me changing Emily's diaper.

I thought about that different life ...

The one where I traveled regularly and had friends I did things with several nights a week - the life where I had time to read and exercise.

...and the life where although I was happy and content, I knew something was missing.

I wouldn't trade my life now for anything - diapers and all.

* * * * *

On the Fourth of July our little lady decided that she knew her letters.
Several weeks ago I made her a little book of the alphabet and the numbers 1-30.
She loves that book and points to the numbers and letters all day long.

(Speaking of numbers we now have three number puzzles.  I step on numbers ALL DAY LONG.)

I knew Em knew the numbers in her book - numbers for Emily are old school.
What I did not know was that Emily also knew her letters.
Turns out she does.
Ask her to point to a certain letter and she can.

(Emily just saw the picture of her puzzles on my laptop and is now pointing to every number while I type.)

Every day of her life my little girl amazes me - and fills my heart with gratitude for all that I was given the day she was born.

If you've been reading this blog for any amount of time you will recognize what the following pictures mean for us - for Emily.
We're a long way off from losing Em's feeding tube but we have hope that one day it will happen.

That last picture is my favorite one.
Jason and I sat with two of his sisters, his brothers-in-law, his parents, and a handful of nieces and a nephew and we all watched in awe as this little lady drank over and over again from that hose.

(It's culinary water - it's safe.)

Em was asleep once tonight but she started coughing and that tickled her sensitive gag reflex which in turn caused her to lose her dinner and need a bath.
If I can drag her away from the puzzles I'm going to go and snuggle her back to sleep.


Elizabeth said...

That Sweet Emily! She's such a beautiful girl! I love that very first picture of her, and also the one of her drinking from the hose. Adorable!

I think about you often and hope that things are less hard. You amaze me with your strength.

xo -E

Nessa said...

I wouldn't trade my new life for anything in the world either.
Em is so smart! Glad she's getting to be comfortable with food. The last picture is my favorite too.

-stephanie- said...

Those photos of Emily eating and drinking are awesome! Go EM! Love her.

Emily and Kenny said...

Go Em! So excited to see these pictures! She's such an amazing girl! What a blessing that she is even putting food in her mouth! Love you Noelle! You and Em are such an inspiration.

Emily and Kenny said...
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Shan said...

Man, that little girl is really doing it, isn't she? She's growing up and being smart and trying different things. I love her.

CK said...

Wow...this is just amazing!! I loved starting my day off with reading this blog post :)