Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Countdown To Disneyland Has Begun

We've been teaching Emily sign language,
It might not be a version of sign language that the rest of the world understands, but we do: Emily, her daddy and me.
Emily's cousins and aunts and uncles are learning it too...and so are Grandma and Grandpa.

I bought a book today so that I could learn the real words, although the ones I make up are pretty darn clever.  You should see Em...she takes the words I've made up and then makes up her own version on top of that.  It's adorable.

Here's our list so far:

Mickey Mouse
Little Einstein's
all done
thank you

People melt when Emily tells them thank you in sign language.

Last night Jason and Emily were playing in our room while I was packing for our trip in Emily's room.
(We're leaving soon for a two week vacation to California.)
Jason was playing the guitar and singing to Emily.

At one point I heard him call into me, "Noelle, what does it mean when Em shakes her hands?"

"It means all done," I called back.

He cracked up and said, "I guess Emily doesn't want me to play the guitar anymore."

And she didn't.  She wanted to watch Mickey Mouse.

That girl...we love her a little bit.

Em's been sick for forever, and my attention has been focused on her more than on writing anything...I'll try to be more involved with this little space that is mine.

Thanks for checking in on us!


Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

You're coming to California?????

Cooper used signs for please and thank you and more when he was little and it was adorable. I can imagine seeing Emily sign is just as heartwarming!

Bridget said...

Ahhh, that is SO cute!!! I can't wait to see pics of her at Disneyland. Hope you guys have the best time ever!

aimee said...

Too funny! Your little girl makes my heart smile.

Leslie Burnham said...

Wonderful that you are using sign language as a way for Emily to communicate! And the "made-up" signs? Just like the made-up words all families have when their children are learning to speak. Glad you are writing these things down - time flies and it's hard to always remember everything. Have a great time in Disneyland!

Of One Heart said...

You know why this is good for me? I have less to catch up on and then I'll feel complete! My Em makes my heart smile. :)