Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Little Bit of a Makeover

I went to a furniture store last week to look for a sofa for my office - something simple.

I didn't find one, but I found many things that I loved - which is always a problem - isn't if for you too?
To find things that you love that cost lots of money or that you don't have room for or ...

I came home, took a look at my living room and said, "blah."

Here, let me show you what I loved:

Should I give credit for these designs?
I took all three pictures from a fun little store called Four Chairs.


I went to some stores and got some ideas and one night at 11:00 I asked Jason to help me rearrange the furniture.
The rug and the yellow chair are new; some of the things on the piano are new; I hung some pictures and switched out some picture frames and...

I can't find a before picture of my living room but I'll show you an after shot:

I'm still working on curtains - I've been working on curtains for three years - it may be another three years before I find something I like.

And I'm working on maybe trying to talk Jason into letting me paint the piano but I'm not holding my breath!

We like the change - we like the feel - and we like that I didn't spent a million dollars.

What we like the most though?


Venassa said...

I love the living room. It has some much color and personality. And I see why you love all the stuff from Four Chairs. So pretty.
Also love the picture of Emily, and I'm assuming her cousins?

Sandra said...

I need a new couch and every morning when I drive past Four Chairs I think, I should go in there and look. After looking at your pictures I know I am going to go in there. At least I'll get ideas!

And who cares if you take another 3 years on curtains- don't settle. Get what you love.

Beth Zimmerman said...

That ottoman is adorable. Though Miss Em is far cuter!

Julie said...

You love such vivid colors. I like reds and maroons and navy blue and forest greens. I love you arrangement.

Of One Heart said...

Looks brilliant! The big round clock and the photos and the homeyness in that room are a winner. And my Em, of course!