Monday, November 11, 2013

Just Stuff

I can count on one hand the number of days our little lady has felt well in the last...
...well, forever.

She felt okay in California - and she felt pretty good for a few days last week - but other than that she's mostly just miserable.

I'm going on 837 days of little to no sleep and it's beginning to get to me.

If Em wakes up and realizes that she's not in our bed she lets us know that she's not happy about it.
So at some point in the middle of the night she usually joins us and then spends the rest of the night whimpering and coughing and rolling around.

The last few mornings I've snuck down to the couch to get a couple of hours of sleep before she wakes up.

I  need to be more like Jason - he can sleep through anything!

Em is still cute though - that makes up for a lot of sleepless nights!

Oh... did I mention my sister had a beautiful baby girl?

It's an overwhelming group we're becoming - this family of mine.  
We're about out of room in any of our houses for all of us to fit.
That's a good problem to have.

I hope your days are filled with only good things friends!

...or at least that you can find one good thing in spite of things that might not be that great.


Bossy Betty said...

Congratulations on your new little niece. Em is a cutie. I pray for her health. (I'll also throw some in there for a good night's sleep for you too.)

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

I love you.

that's all.