Monday, January 20, 2014

First Words

Last week I asked my Facebook world a question about speech and how it develops.
I'm uncertain as to what normal speech sounds like, and I was curious.
I didn't really get answers to the question I asked, but I did get answers that were exactly what I needed.

Through the thread of conversation that happened I learned that our children's hospital has a team of doctors that deal specifically with Em's set of issues right now:

and palate issues

(We were told that Em has a short palate that may effect the way she speaks - and there is a possibility that she has other palate issues as well.)

When I first learned of this group of doctors I was discouraged.
I felt that Em's doctors had let us down - had let her down.
With Emily's issues I would think that at some point in the last two years someone would have thought to refer us to this group, but no one ever did.
I cried to my mom for a few minutes, telling her how I felt that I had let Em down.
Had we seen this group of doctors sooner perhaps we would have been further ahead by now.

I allowed a pity party for a few hours and then moved on with determination to call and schedule an appointment for as soon as they can see us.

We will meet with the team of doctors next Monday and Jason and I are both extremely hopeful that they can help us know how to best help Em move forward.

In the meantime, we've seen some leaps from our little miss all of her own accord.

Jason is out of town this week - until sometime Saturday night - and tonight as I was putting Emily to bed we went through our routine.

"Night night Mommy."
"Night night Emily."
"Night night Aunt Becca."
"Night night Daddy."

I say the words and Emily hums them back to me.
Everything Emily says is through a hum with her mouth closed...

...until I add the word Daddy.
And with that word she perks up and gives her very best effort to say the words.
We recorded this tonight and emailed it to Jason so that he could hear his sweet girl's voice.

Bless her heart.
She's an angel.

(And if you're reading this and have experience of the speech therapy variety, feel free to chime in and tell me if what you hear is typical development or the result of a palate that doesn't play nicely.)

((I apologize if you can't see anything in the video.  I can see it on my phone and iPad but not my computer. ))

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