Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I Wish I Had Slept More When I Was Younger

These Olympics have turned me into a cry baby.
I cry when someone gets the gold, I cry when I hear a story of success, I cry when someone misses out on their Olympic dream ... it's getting to the point where I'll be glad when the Olympics are over so that I can stop crying.

* * * * *

Do you remember when I purchased a toddler bed for our little lady?
And she loved it?
That love lasted about a day before she refused to sleep unless she was in our bed - snuggled up to Jason or me.
It's sweet, your little girl wanting to sleep right next to you, until you've gone two or three weeks without getting more than a few hours of sleep.
I end up on the couch on a fairly regular basis - just to get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep.

I finally decided that Em didn't have enough room in her bed to move around as much as she likes to move.  So Jason and I moved her cute little toddler bed out to the garage and brought in a twin air mattress.  We filled it with air, put a sheet on it, and laid her down after she fell asleep.

It didn't work like I had planned - mostly because there isn't room for both Em and me on that twin mattress, at least not if I want to be even a little bit comfortable.
The twin mattress was exchanged for a full sheets...again, and an egg shell foam mattress for added comfort - with an extra pillow just in case.

When Em came into my room about 3:00 this morning I picked her up and took her back to her room where we both laid down on the bed - which is incredibly comfortable - and snuggled until Em fell asleep.

I fell asleep too and at 5:00 this morning I moved back to my bed.  Our little miss stayed in her bed until 7:30!  I felt like a small miracle had occurred.  For the first time in months I could say that Em had spent the entire night in her own bed.

Within hours of posting her toddler bed on a yard sale page it sold.
I'm giving this mattress some time, but if it does the trick, our little lady will get her very own real live mattress.  Oh how happy will be that day!

I know, your life is better now that you know our latest sleep drama.

In other news, Emily had an MRI of her heart last week.

Emily doesn't have a pulmonary valve and because of that, she has significant blood leakage into her right ventricle.
The blood leakage causes that ventricle to enlarge, and the size of that ventricle will determine when Em will have her next surgery to put in an artificial pulmonary valve.
A normal ventricle size is 103.  Em's ventricle is currently 115.  We have until her ventricle measures 150 before she needs her next surgery.
Based on our cardiologist's experience, he thinks we may have two years before Emily needs her next surgery.

She has a stent in one of her pulmonary arteries, and because of that stent only one third of her blood flow goes to her left lung.  We will have to watch that really closely - if that stent narrows Em will need a cardiac catheter to balloon open that stent.

Overall it was a positive appointment, and we were so happy with the news.

Our little lady is a happy girl, full of mischief and love.  We simply adore her.

Thanks for checking in our little family.
Maybe I'll blog again soon ... maybe.

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Julie said...

YEAH to getting to wait a couple more years. The doctors are awesome for Em and she's growing like a weed.
The new bed, let's all hope it works cuz even though it's great to have them want you and to be with you, sleeping in your own bed without a wiggle warm is wonderful.
Sorry I haven't stopped by as often as I should.
My little one is celebrating his 22nd birthday tomorrow. It is the most amazing and awesome feeling to have a grown up son that still wants his mama. Love it!
Have a great and blessed weekend.