Sunday, March 2, 2014

Emily's First Real Injury

It would seem that Emily thinks she can fly.
There is no other explanation as to why she climbed to the top of our couch and dove off - head first.

She is more bothered by the flash from the camera than the bump on her head.

She landed on tile.
I wasn't home but from what I've been told, there were lots of tears.
With good reason.

We ended up taking her to the after hours pediatrician just to make sure she was okay.
The nurse took one look at her head and said, "You're the first mom who hasn't exaggerated the size of a goose egg."

We kept an eye on her that night to make sure she didn't have any problems associated with the fall, but she recovered well.

This picture was taken the next day:

With the right lighting you can see that the entire left side of her forehead is bruised - and that bruise goes all the way to her nose and under her eye.
We've been warned that her eye will likely turn black.

Poor sweet girl.

* * *

In other news, I'll be buying a big padded rug to put behind the couch...and maybe a parachute.            


Karen Mortensen said...

Poor thing. I hope she gets better soon.

-stephanie- said...

Wow! So glad she's ok. Sweet baby.

Shan said...

Youch! I'm glad she is doing as well as one can under the circumstances.