Thursday, March 20, 2014

Oh Look, I Wrote Something

Let's see...
Where did we last leave off?
I have no idea.

Pretty much my entire family - and by entire family I mean my mom and my sisters and my brother and my nieces and nephews and myself - got sick and almost died.  We're okay now but there was a moment or several where we weren't sure what way it would go.

My sweet cousin brought me Baskin Robins mint chocolate chip ice cream because she loves me and knows it's my favorite.  She brought it to me over a week ago and I ate some tonight for the first time.

I made the best spaghetti sauce from scratch - it was amazing - really.

Jason spends a little bit of time every single day discussing the love lives of the characters from the newest Disney Jr. show 'Sheriff Callie.'  Tonight while we were eating dinner he googled the show and found out that he was in fact right: Sheriff Callie and her deputy Peck have a little bit of something going on.

(Oh my goodness - this man makes me laugh.)

Emily has had an ear infection forever, and has been on two different antibiotics.
She broke her eardrum when she fell and developed an infection and can't shake it.
She's also got a rash that we can't figure out...she's had it for a few weeks.
We'll go back to the pediatrician again in a few days and see if we can figure out what's going on with our sweet girl.

She is, as usual, such a happy sweet girl - and she loves being outside.
The weather can't warm up fast enough for her.

We recently got Em a new bed - again.
This one will stay - regardless of what Em thinks of it.
This girl.
If she's not snuggled up to her daddy or me she doesn't sleep well.
We've been grateful that we have a king size bed - even though it doesn't seem nearly big enough when Em's stretched out.

At the very least, I can sleep comfortably in this new bed.

Overall our little family is doing well...and we're grateful for that.

Thanks for checking in...

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Julie said...

Hope Em gets over her ear infection. I too have been sick and this past weekend thought dying would of been nice. Getting better now. Yeah for new bed even if it's for you sometime. Take care, God bless you!