Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Conversation

A customer just asked about Emily - he wanted to know where things were with her health, etc.
We talked about her heart and then her feeding tube.

"Her not eating is probably more an issue of parenting," is what he said.
Clearly he knows what he's talking about.

A minute later Em came and grabbed my hand because she wanted an Otter Pop out of the freezer.
She doesn't eat them, she just likes to lick them when they're frozen.
Emily uses a little hum to communicate (one of these days I'll have to record it for you - it's adorable) and the customer heard it as Em was asking for an Otter Pop.

"She doesn't talk?"

I told him that she didn't and when he wanted to know why I explained about her chromosome deletion and how delayed speech was part of the package.

"I always knew something was wrong with you - I guess you just passed it on to your daughter."

I know he thinks he's funny ... he's not.  I rolled my eyes and walked away from the conversation at that point.

Maybe I'll spray weed killer on his plants...


Elizabeth said...

What the monkeys? I am shocked and amazed at the truly insensitive things people say (and hope that I've never said anything that has hurt your feelings!). Surgeons don't just go around putting feeding tubes into anybody for no reason at all. It love how he "armchair diagnosed" Emily, without a medical degree. I really can't believe how harshly people judge you, when you are doing everything in your power to love and nurture and teach your sweet Emily. She is so gentle and beautiful and perfect just the way she is. That crack about passing something wrong to Emily is like wondering which parent to blame for the blind man's blindness. Maybe you should spray weed killer on his dinner.

xo -E

Carol said...

Not funny...not thoughtful, not kind.
So sorry you have to put up with this.
Weed killer sounds appropriate to me.

Lisa Lucchese said...

Some people are so rude!!! Definitely weed killer! I really hate the fools that joke around thinking it is all so funny! NOT!
Just ignore those ones.

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

He's probably a nice fella... but there is a whole lot of stupid out there...!

Rachel said...

I'm sorry you had to deal with him and remain polite. I'd want to hit him! I try to be a good, polite, nice Mormon, but I still have bad thoughts.
From reading the archives it's clear that you have done great work with Emily!
I had a resident tell me my daughter's issues (learning disabilities, food allergies, behavior issues) were due to my parenting. It was incredibly supportive and helpful. Thankfully I found a second opinion and realized that if only 1 of 3 kids had these issues it probably wasn't my parenting. I was still annoyed though.

Dawn said...

Insensitive JERK. There, I'll say it, since you didn't.
My son had major feeding issues and at age 2, would lick the salt off every french fry in an order, then place them neatly on a napkin. Do you have a good feeding therapist for Emily? If not, keep searching until you do. Some speech pathologists have feeding therapy experience - others seem to be clueless. We did feeding therapy for 8 years.
The first food my son ate was a tiny piece of Hershey's chocolate, which melted in his mouth. The best therapists make it FUN, and NEVER force feed. My son had a feeding tube from ages 2 to 5. He now eats steak, salad, burgers, fries, etc. Still a VERY picky eater but hallelujah, he eats! :) Hang in there...

Venassa said...

That customer is a huge jerk. Definitely go with the weed killer.