Thursday, April 17, 2014

My To-Do List

-Do the dang laundry

-Find my kitchen counter ... and the table ... and the foot of my bed ... and ...

-Find two hours where I can go and buy my daughter a new wardrobe.  Nothing in the 2T size range fits any longer and her shirts are becoming belly shirts.

-Tie the quilt that I volunteered to finish (someone should glue my mouth shut)

-Finish the month's worth of paperwork I'm behind on

-Pay my bills before they shut our power off

-Take Emily to the park once every day so that she doesn't lose her mind

-Survive the ten days that Jason will be gone

-Try not to be bitter that Jason is gone for ten days - backpacking - while I'm home with this to-do list

-Remember to eat at least two meals a day

-Find a pair of pants that actually look good ... and that don't elicit the 'oh you're pregnant' comment from people who should know better than to ask such a thing.

-Get liposuction so that people won't ask about my 'impending pregnancy' in the future

-Or keep exercising like I've been doing ... even though I'm dead tired at the end of the day

-Okay it was just one person but still...

-Decide if I'm going to respond to the email from the New York Times reporter

-Learn 15 new signs so that I can teach Emily 15 new words

-Learn the names of the Bubble Guppies (oh my stars - you thought my child loved Mickey Mouse?  We've taken that love to a whole 'nother level with Bubble Guppies)

* * *

You get the idea - my life is insane right now.  Amazing how it's the same level of insane every single April and May.  (The joy of owing a garden center.)

Let me share my current favorite picture of Em - oh I love this girl!

(And PS.  I really won't be bitter that Jason is gone - it's something he loves and I'm happy he can go. He will just owe me BIG time when he gets home.)


Mr. Thompson and Me said...

I'll be bitter for both of us. At minimum, it calls fit Mexican food. Or a hike - cuz now I want to go on one.

And yes, call the NYT reporter back! Or I'll haunt you from the afterlife and you don't want that. Trust me. There will be rattling chains...

Rachel said...

I just read all of Emily's story. (please forgive excessive archive accessing) She's amazing, and so are you! Love this pic of her. Thank you for blogging, it's been wonderful to read all that Emily has been through and accomplished.

Venassa said...

Crazy how fast they grow. Chloe was always super tiny but she's outgrown almost all her 2t clothes too.
The Bubble Guppies are my favorite. She songs are so catchy and fun that I even have favorites and wish they had audio cds like Dora the Explorer has. I still don't know many of their names myself though.