Monday, September 1, 2014

An Update on All Things Emily


Our girl started preschool last week.
I'm not sure I ever even mentioned that she was going to preschool.

It was an emotional day.
Not for Emily but for me.
I cried the entire three hours she was at school.

She loved it.
She's only been twice but whenever we mention the word school she smiles such a big smile and nods her head yes over and over again.

She will benefit from the social interaction with the other kids, and as a bonus she qualified for one on one speech therapy during the time that she's in class.

When I picked her up on Friday her teacher asked me if Emily had ever tried chocolate milk.
I laughed a little bit and said no.

"Well she tried it today," the teacher said with a smile.
She didn't like it and she wouldn't take more than one sip but it's more than I've ever been able to accomplish.

Lately, Emily loves to have a portion of whatever we are eating on her own plate.
She carries it around with her and every few minutes she will smell it.
It's kind of adorable.

While we're on the subject of Emily I'll give you a quick rundown...

We recently met with her cardiologist.
They did an EKG and an echocardiogram.
Her echo showed that her heart is enlarging at a faster pace than the cardiologist expected at this point.
He's not overly concerned though, and we have six months before we'll take her back for another MRI of her heart.

We are meeting with a new feeding therapist.
After one meeting with her I knew that if we had been meeting with her all along Emily would be eating by now.
We actually saw her once when Emily was a baby, and I was impressed with her then, but the day after that initial appointment Emily was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance and spent the next three months there, and was grounded from drinking her bottle for what would be the next six or seven months.

After that, this therapist's name remained in the back of my mind and whenever I would mention her to our other feeding therapists who came to the house they told me that she wouldn't do anything more than they were.

They were wrong.
And initially I was upset that I didn't make more of an effort to contact this other therapist, regardless of what I was told about the therapy we were receiving at the time.
It does no good to be upset; instead I'll focus on gratitude that we are seeing her now.

This new therapist suggested that we meet with an occupational therapist to have Emily evaluated for Sensory Processing Disorder.
Again, we have been meeting with occupational therapists for Em's whole life, and never once did any of them suggest that Em had SPD.
I had her evaluated last week, and she loved the tests..

At the end of the hour long evaluation the therapist told me that Em didn't need least not from him.
The only thing she has issues with really, is getting her hands messy and he feels that we can accomplish more at home than he can.
So it looks like we will be playing with pudding and shaving cream and other equally messy things.
Feel free to join us.

What else?

We met with a physical therapist and an orthotist (I asked the man what he was called because for the life of me I couldn't come up with it) because of concerns we've had with Em's feet.
Her heels and ankles turn in pretty badly and make it difficult at times for Em to balance.  And if left untreated, she would eventually have problems with her hips.

She was fitted for some braces and we got those last week.  She will likely need to wear them for a year or two, but thankfully they don't bother her, and we are amazed at the difference in how she walks when she has them on.

One of these days I'll see if I can get her to hold still long enough to get a picture of them.

Finally, we recently changed Emily's formula to something that is a little bit more age appropriate.
We are always really hesitant to mess with formula because of how sensitive Em's tummy is, but this has been our easiest transition.
She tolerates this formula better than she has any of the others, and she seems to have less reflux.

We meet with her GI doctor next month and will discuss the pros and cons of adding blended foods into her diet.
We know it would be a lot harder to track her calories that way but we would like to know that her tummy can tolerate food, so we may make the effort and start a blended diet slowly.

To be honest, right now I'm not sure that we'll ever get to a point where Emily will eat.

Last night Emily was playing with her cousins and got a little bit of dirt in her mouth.
She immediately gagged and threw up and then just cried.
If anything, it will be an incredibly long uphill battle.

It seems that more than ever, my life is filled with Emily's appointments, and now that we've added dropping off and picking up from school a couple of times a calendar fills up quickly.

I feel like I've got to start scheduling in things like laundry and cleaning the grout.  Because cleaning the grout is important.

I have a lot of people question me about my blog ... why I don't write ... or when am I going to update...

I'll try harder, I really will.

Thanks as always, for checking in on us.


Vijayalakshmi said...

You are a fabulous Mum.

I am thrilled Em loves school and actually roams around with food.

Why does the poor girl have to get her hands messy? Maybe she has OCD like the rest of us. Let her be?

So glad braces will last only a year or two. We can deal with that.

Don't try too hard. You're doing a great job just as you are.

Shan said...

Aw, Noelle, your version of not writing is much better than mine. I'm glad I popped in to catch up with you and Emily. <3