Monday, December 1, 2014

Any Day Can Be Thanksgiving

I'm craving apple pie.
I have a slice in the fridge and I'm waiting...waiting until I can't stand it any longer...because once I eat it it's gone...until next Thanksgiving.
...or until I ask my mom to make me some more.

We didn't celebrate Thanksgiving until Sunday afternoon and it was lovely.
Except that I put out unsalted butter on the table and we nearly had a revolt.
I had no idea that you could taste a difference but apparently you can.

What is that they say about learning something new every day?

Anyway, I took one picture of the feast - it was of the kids.  And every single one of them took my phone afterwards and complained about what they looked like or about what they were doing.

Like Nick, there in the front with the yellow shirt.
"But Noelle!  I was taking a drink!"
"Nick dear, I counted to three.  Your old enough to know that on three I'm going to take the picture."

And Allie...she's covering her mouth because she was currently chewing something and couldn't smile.

I'm not sure why Erika there in the back has her hand raised.
And I love that Emily is there sitting there like she belongs.
You might notice that she's sitting at the table with a roll in front of her.
She carries bread with her during every meal - she doesn't eat it, just carries it.

* * *

I'm currently distracted by the last episode of the Amazing Race.  Stand by.
Okay, my team is still in.  I Googled it to see how it ended so that I could watch in peace.
Jason laughs at me about that particular trait I have...not being able to handle surprise.

* * *

Anyway, back to Thanksgiving.
We have much to be grateful for and family is at the top of that list.

Jason's grandma passed away Saturday night and our hearts are especially tender as we think of her and of her legacy.

And of course our hearts are always full of gratitude for our little girl.  Oh how we love her.
Thanks to all of you for being in our corner.

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Vijayalakshmi said...

I love her too.

And you need more pie. I object.