Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The X-Ray Technicians Are Going To Know Us By Name

I'm currently bingeing on Hershey's cookies & mint nuggets.
I wish I could say that carrots did the same thing for me.
They don't.
Ironically, chocolate is not my first choice.
But these nuggets?
I'm their biggest fan.

Let's talk about why I'm bingeing shall we?

Wasn't it just two or three blog posts ago that I was telling you about Em's hip fracture that ended up not being a fracture?
Tonight she fractured her elbow.
She fell off a bed.

I was at work when it happened and I knew something was wrong as soon as I heard Jason's voice.
Em cried and cried ... and cried ... until she had cried herself to sleep.
She cried whenever we moved her and during the x-rays.

The radiologist called the pediatrician with the x-ray results before we had even left the x-ray room.
And now tomorrow I have to find a pediatric orthopedic specialist who will cast her elbow on extremely short notice.

Most pediatric specialists only work on certain days, but the certain day they work this week is the day of Jason's grandma's funeral and the on call pediatrician told me Em can't stay in her splint until next Wednesday when the specialists work next.

For the love...

Em is currently sleeping peacefully, thanks to Tylenol.
Jason is playing basketball with the guys to relieve the yuck that he feels from the day.
And like I said, I'm eating chocolate.

So goes our life.

Oh..and one more thing...I'm giving Instagram a try.  Feel free to follow along @elimysmommy.


Venassa said...

Aw poor Em! You family seems to have some bad luck! Hope its feeling better now that a few days have passed. I've never broken or fractured anything so I don't know what its like. I'm following you on Instagram. I don't blog or read blogs as much anymore but I like keep in touch.

Vijayalakshmi said...

I'm bingeing too. I think I need to have another chat with God.