Friday, April 3, 2009

Cleaning House

And now for a few items of ward business...

Hmmm...that doesn't exactly work in this setting does it?

Okay. And now for a few items of blog business...

* Last night my sister lost some dear, dear friends. I'm not sure that she will ever be the same. The final episode of ER aired last night. When it was over Becca said, "I'm going to bed now so I don't have to think about how sad I am." Condolences can be sent to ...

* Today is Kim's birthday. You don't know Kim, but that's okay because I do. Happy Birthday Kim!

* Mr. Thompson and Me and Mr. Thompson are going to Disneyland on Monday. Mr. Thompson and Me asked me to dogsit. This should be entertaining. Did you know I'm not really a dog person? It's true. BUT...because I love Mr. Thompson and Me I love her dog and I will be the best dang dog sitter Mia (the dog) will ever have!

* On a more serious note, today marks the one year anniversary of a pretty horrible day in the life of Mr. Thompson et al. I love you lady! I admire your strength and courage!!! And I love Mr. Thompson can tell him that.

* My head hurts...still.

* There is a dead deer in my parents flower bed. It looks like it's just taking a peaceful nap. The Division of Wildlife told Mom to call the local Animal Control and the local Animal Control told Mom to call The Division of Wildlife. Wonder who will draw the short straw with this particular task.

* And finally...remember back a few posts when I made mention of Baby Sister's boyfriend? Seems she's been getting some flack (TOTALLY DESERVED I might add) and she wants to set the record straight. Here's the record: (The opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the owner/operator of this blog)


To Whom It May Concern:

I have come down from my lofty 'no blog' ladder to set the record straight once and for all.
Baby Sister does NOT NOW, nor does she see in the future ever having any type of boyfriend, secret or otherwise.
If I have learned any 2 things in the course of my 'long' existence of almost 24 years (I know...I'm old...with crows feet, grey hair, and saying things that don't make sense, etc.) it would be these 2 gems of wisdom:
1. I am not the boyfriend type
2. All of the male gender are dorks.
Now that the record has been set straight, I am climbing back up my lofty 'no blog' ladder. I will descend every once in a while to check up on you.
Thank you for reading Big Sister's blog. It makes her day...and mine...when I read all of the comments...especially Mr. Woolley's.

Well...tell us how you really feel Baby Sister. The only thing I can think of to add is this:

"Go my son...go and climb the ladder...go my son....go and earn your feather..."

Please tell me at least ONE of you had to learn that song in grade school!

Happy weekend everyone!


Sandra said...

*I stopped watching ER when DR.Green died, but I watched last night. I felt the same way.

*Happy B-day Kim!

*Lucky MIA

*Sorry Mr. Thompson & Me

*I took a ginger bath and feel better today. Don't know if it would help with your head though.

*Free fertilizer? Land scaping sculpture?

*Baby sister- I mostly agree with you but I have heard that there are some of the male gender that are not dorks. Don't know where to find them though.

-I am too old to have had to learn that song. Well, that and I went to grade school in NM

David G. Woolley said...

Who is this baby sister person? Does she have a name? Does she have a ladder? Does she have a feather?

I think she doth protest (about men) far too much. We're not jerks. We like being the way we are, which makes being a jerk not nearly as jerky as if we were, say, arrogant about our jerkiness, or even domestically violent about the whole thing. So there you have it feather non-blogger.

PS: is that baby sister's real name or is it her nick name--which when you think about it is manly thing--nick name is definitely manly? Feather Nonblogger Platt? It has a certain feminine ring to it. I like it. Don't tell me her real name. It'll ruin everything. We'll just call her Feather Nonblogger Platt.

Feather for short. She is short, isn't she?

Anonymous said...

Glad you agree Sandra...I've heard the good ones are all taken. I guess we'll see one day.

Lol. Mr. Woolley. You make me laugh. I'm not THAT short...although I guess considered to some I am short.
I don't protest too much...I just say what I know. What I've experienced in life. I do have a name but I won't spoil it for you. I do have a ladder...I live on it. And...I don't have a feather...but I can find one if needs be....

Sandra said...

And David, there is a difference between dorks and jerks. If I had to choose, I would choose the dork.

Amy said...

Some days you just have to dump your current updates into a blog. And I'm glad you did.

Baby Sister - you're a sissy. Also men are not pigs. Or dorks. Or jerks. They just like to act like t sometimes....for some unknown reason.

Also I totally learned that song. AND the actions. Wanna see em?

Tiff said...

I want to see Amy's actions! Reading the blog and all of your comments has made my day.

Feather Nonblogger Platt, maybe they wouldn't be dorks if found in a different place than you usually look. :0)

Ginger bath sounds lovely!

Mr. Woolley, I still think you are pretty darned funny.

Mr. Thompson and Me, I will be praying for you. Love ya!

Poor, poor Becca. What will she do now?

Tami said...

I loved that go my son song when I was in grade school! I also love your blog and you Noelle! Thanks for the sweet blog about Uncle Lynn. I love and miss him and Vicky.

Anonymous said...

Ummm...Fugal, what I said to Sandra is that all of the good ones are taken. You got lucky to find a good one.
Tiff...I've tried the normal way too...hasn't worked so much thanks.
I'm not saying that one day I won't find someone...just sometimes I can be against guys :)
I'd choose the dork too Sandra.

Kim and Company said...


I can't believe Baby Sister is 24... WOW!

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

I love this blog! Y'all made my flippin' day....

Anonymous said... sister is old :O So crazy!!

rplatt said...

You are absolutely right. I will never be the same!!!! So, I will just start over with season one and when Dr. Green dies I will be sure to cry again!!!!! Anyone want to play?