Monday, April 6, 2009

Deep Thoughts By Katrina

Kate and I are great friends.

Kate comes to work two or three times a week and plays with me.

When Kate grows up she wants to work at the nursery with me.

Sometimes Kate and I have really serious conversations.

This morning was one of those times.

"Noelle, can I have a jelly bean?"

"Yes you can."

"How many?"


As Kate is reaching for the jelly beans she says, "Noelle?"

"Yes Kate?"

"Yesterday we went to see my Grandma. She's gonna die."

"She is?"

"Yeah, my Grandma Sumsion is gonna die."

"You mean your Grandma Hjorth?"

"Yeah. My grandma that lives with us...she sleeps downstairs. Her mom is gonna die."

"Does that make you sad?"

"I'm gonna miss her. She's going to heaven to live with Jesus again. She's gonna die."


"Yes Kate?"

"Nick likes pirates, but I'm afraid of them."


"Yes Kate?"

"I want another jelly bean."


Amy said...

You have jelly beans? I'll be right there. :)

Kim Garrett said...

That's too funny. Kids say the most amazing yet funniest things!

lvs2dance said...

What a darling little girl. Don't you just love conversations with little ones, so sweet and innocent!