Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Uncle Ben...Our Hero

These three kiddies belong to my brother and his wife.

They have another sister who is a year old.

I don't have a picture of the four of them together.

(Rachel...can you fix that?)

Yesterday Rachel brought the four kids to work for a few minutes.

The three oldest were told, "play outside or in my office, but let Noelle do her work."

They played outside.

At one point I saw Nick playing on the other side of a ditch and I said,

"Nicholas, DON'T fall in!"

He said he wouldn't.

I believed him.

(And now I'm turning the rest of this post over to Uncle Ben...it's his story to tell.)

I recently went to Disneyland with my wife and son, as well as some of my wife's family. We were searching for characters the first day and ran into some of the most obvious. All of a sudden my 7 year old nephew screamed "Stitchy" and ran a gave Stitch a huge hug. For him, the trip could have ended there. I had no clue who Stitch was until that moment, but I learned how much influence the right character can have over a child.

Well, back to the ditch...I was just finishing helping a customer when Allie, Nick and Kate all came running over to me hysterical and crying. Theirs was no wimpy cry. It was "someone is on the verge of dying type thing." Adrenaline kicked in and I ran over to the ditch where they were pointing. The only thing that I could think of was that someone had fallen in and was drowning in the irrigation ditch.

(I'm pretty sure Uncle Ben thought that someone was Ruth, the baby sister.)

As I reached and crossed the ditch I realized that part of my thoughts were valid; someone was in the ditch: Stitch.

(I think Uncle Ben is being humble here. From what I hear, he ran as though he were leaping tall buildings in a single bound. And just so you know, Nick got a toy Stitch on his trip to Disneyland a few months ago.)

I hustled to the head gate and waited for Stitch to float into my hands. I gathered him up, shook him off and gave him to a still sobbing and hysterical Nick. All 3 kids were still crying and all 3 acted as if I had just saved their little sister or something. I reassured them that everything was okay. I also reassured the onlooking adults that no humans were harmed in this event and that Stitch would be just fine. Phew.

Stitch was fine.

Nick wasn't.

The poor kid was traumatized!

I helped wring Stitch out, which got Nick to laugh and say, "Look, he's going to the bathroom."

And then I told Nick that river baths were okay.

I showed him a picture of a river in Guatelmala, where I took a bath once.

Later, as they were leaving the nursery Nick said this:

"It's been a really hard day."

And then he whimpered a bit and patted Stitch on the head.

PS. The ditch isn't that big, nor does it have that much water in it. I wouldn't want you to think we're not careful with our kiddies.


David G. Woolley said...

I understand Knick. I've had some down in the ditch days too. Nice recovery from the hard day, kiddo.

Stitch lives!

Amy said...

Maybe I'll name my child "Knick" only I'll pronounce the k at the beginning "kuh-nick"....Woolley you've inspired me.

Sandra said...

I love happy endings.

David G. Woolley said...

Its way too close to something that is close to my heart. Kick. Knick. Sorry. I just can't help myself.

Besides, I think Knick should kick it up a notch or two on that stitch theme.

David G. Woolley said...


What do you do for the church in your job?

Rach Platt said...

I think Nick was still a little traumatized from our FHE about fire safety. He was told that if there was fire, he could not stop to find/save Stitch. Little did I know that Stitch had become part of our official family. Thanks Ben, for keeping our family together. And thanks to Stitch for teaching my son, "Ohana means family. And nobody gets left behind".

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

I sure wish Ben was around when I was little and the mean neighbor boy threw my stuffed clown in the ditch.

I'm still tramatized over that one!

Amy said...

I'm a secretary for some of the Headquarter Maintenance guys. I do really important things like answer phones, file paperwork, and send e-mails to people. :D