Saturday, June 27, 2009

Follow Up

Okay... I think I need to explain something. Wanting to plant a sub-alpine fir tree in your house is like ..... I have to come up with something really good here. It's like wanting to keep a whale in your swimming pool, it's like wanting to have an igloo in Arizona...

And I very patiently told my customer that if she wanted to plant a tropical tree in her house she would have much better success. I even gave her the name of a few tropical trees that would look similar to a sub-alpine fir.

I'm all for plants in your house...really I am! Just not a sub-alpine fir or a colorado spruce.

Phew...glad I got that out of the way.

And now friends...I'm off to Goblin Valley. Don't ask where we're going to camp because I know not. Don't ask what we're going to eat because I don't know that either. All I know is my brother said to his wife and me: "We're going to Goblin Valley." And we said, "Where you go we will follow." (But please brother/husband, can you tell us if there might be bathrooms?)

Goblin Valley is just a stop on the way to our destination spot of Bluff. What's in Bluff you might ask. Well at least I think you'll ask that because that's what I've been asking all week. was a place where pioneers settled once. And some of those pioneers were my relatives. And now we're going to build a cabin. A cabin raising if you will. With a whole bunch of people I don't know. I'll get more educated while I'm gone and fill you in when I get back...if I come back. I hear it's hot in Bluff. I don't do hot very well.

Think of me while you're in your air conditioned ... whatevers... and I'll see you in a few days.

Friday, June 26, 2009

A Word of Caution

If you come into my place of employment looking for a sub-alpine fir I will show it to you.

I will tell you that it's the one tree in my entire nursery that I won't offer a warranty on.

I will also tell you that at some point, probably sooner rather than later, the tree will die.

If you tell me that you want to plant it IN your house, I will tell you there is no chance I will warranty any tree you might plant IN your house.

(And when you tell me you want to plant it IN your house you won't be referring to a nice houseplant in a will be referring to actually planting the tree IN your house.)

When you ask me for another suggestion besides a sub-alpine fir I will tell you that I cannot recommend any tree in that situation.

You will leave, and you will be annoyed with me.

Trust me, that's how it will happen.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

On Being Alone

Why would anyone purposely buy a package of regular Oreos when they can buy a package of Double Stuff Oreos for the same price? That's what I'm wondering today.

Two nights ago I went for a bike ride. My brother-in-law shares his bike with me. A bike is on my list of things to buy but I am not yet educated enough in the ways of bikes to make a wise purchase. I'm working on that.

When I went to pick up the bike my niece said to me, "Noelle, why do you always like to be alone?"

As I was pedaling my heart out I thought about her question, and it made me sad. Truth is I don't like doing things alone, but doing something alone is better than doing nothing alone right? That's what I tell myself over and over again...when I'm out hiking or biking, or doing whatever it is I do...usually alone.

I told my mom and my sister about Gabi's question. I shouldn't have because I couldn't tell them without a few tears, and that caused concern throughout the land. Tears = concern throughout the land...always.

Yesterday my mom called me and said, "I'm taking Dad to a movie Saturday night and wondered if you would like to come." Yesterday my sister told me, "I think I can swing it to go hiking with you two times a week." Yesterday when I asked my dad if he would go hiking with me he said, "Sure."

Concern throughout the land = extreme effort to get rid of whatever is causing the tears. I appreciate the effort, I really do. Because the effort usually comes with sacrifice from others.

Last night I took my dad to my new favorite trail. If any of you would like to hike through a bit of heaven just say the word and I'll take you. It's a 4 mile hike through some pretty amazing fields of wildflowers. As we were hiking I told Dad my plan.

"Dad, I'm going on Saturday to get my concealed weapons permit. And then, Dad, I'm going to learn how to shoot my gun. And then, Dad, I'm going to carry my gun with me when I go hiking alone...unloaded of course, but with ammunition nearby. Mom will have no reason to worry. I'll have protection from whatever might happen to jump out at me." He said okay.

Later, when we passed a group of 6 or 7 guys on dirt bikes riding up the trail I said, "Dad, I'm not a fan of guys on dirt bikes ruining the tranquility of my piece of heaven." He agreed.

"But Dad, I secretly want to learn to ride a dirt bike. Think of the rush you would get!"

"Dad, would that surprise you? If I learned to ride a dirt bike?"

Dad was quiet for a minute and then said, "Oh...I don't know. You're going to carry a gun with you when you hike..."

"That was totally predictable." Dad doesn't use sarcasm very often but when he does I laugh...a lot...because he always uses it in the perfect spot.

Dad's probably limping today, as a result of his willingness to prevent more alone time, and I love him for that.

All signs would indicate that for the foreseeable future 'alone' is what is in store for's a good thing that myself and I get along well together...

* * * unless I become tight with the dirt bikers...not a bad idea...not bad at all...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Grandpa Post Postponed Until Next Week

We have a customer named Mitch.

Mitch is a nice, quiet, reserved guy.

Mitch hasn't been in for a while.

When Mitch came in today I said, "Where have you been all my life?"

His response: "Mexico."

His family lives in Mexico, in the colonies, and I know he spends his winters there.

"But Mitch, it's June. Have you been in Mexico all season?"

Mitch replied, "No, but my dad was kidnapped and so I had to go home."

I thought he was kidding.

He wasn't.

Did you hear about the kidnapping in the Mexican Colonies? Apparently it was all over the news.

I should watch more of the news.

Read this if you want to know more.

Mitch said his family has been anticipating a kidnapping for a long time, they just thought it would be one of his brothers who was kidnapped.

His dad even took out kidnapping insurance policies on all of his family. Did you know they sell such an insurance policy?

I'm shocked...and stunned...and Mitch's poor sisters are going to need therapy...

Want to know something? I've always wanted to visit Mitch's ranch in Mexico. We've even talked about me going down to ride horses and experience ranch life for a while...just me and the cowboys.

I'm thinking I'll have to postpone that trip for a while...Mitch wouldn't let me go now anyway.

I'm glad his dad is okay and I hope the FBI agents catch the bad guys.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just Thanks

You know who Horton is right? The elephant? Dr. Seuss?

He has a phrase about friendship that goes something like this:

"I said what I meant and I meant what I said, an elephant's faithful 100% percent."

I have some friends who are as faithful as Horton and I'm grateful...more than grateful.

I had a phone call today from Travis...Elder Mitchell...Grandpa, as I lovingly call him. Travis and I haven't seen each other in years...maybe 6 0r 7. When I answered the phone I said, "Elder Mitchell," and he said, "Sister Platt...are you good?" That's why he called: just to make sure I was okay. He is a busy dad of three young kids and he took the time to call me...just to check in.

Last week I talked to Trent - another friend from NYC. Trent and I only talk about once a year. Trent and I made a pact 12 years ago that if we reached the age of 30 and were both still single we would get married. He just turned 32. When I answered his call he said, "Weren't we supposed to be married by now?" And I said, "I'm just waiting for you to ask." And then we talked for a long while and caught up on each others lives.

I have a friend who is an incredibly talented artist. One day I took her a photo of a place in Mexico and said, "Can you paint this for me?" She did. It's beautiful.

A friend from Mexico, who I have horribly neglected, emailed me, again, to let me know that he was thinking of me and told me that there would always be people in Mexico who love me.

I could go on and on...

And I've said this before on this blog...

But really, I'm one lucky girl. And every once in a while I'm overwhelmingly reminded of that fact.

So to all of you out there...and to all the ports at sea...(a line from a great movie)...thanks for being you and for loving me.

And Brynn...

Was the tall green thing purple at some point this spring? Cause if it was it's allium...and here in another week you can trim it down. And about your other question - let's do dinner one night soon.

Monday, June 22, 2009

What I Could Say

There is much I could say today.

I could say that the aquarium at Cabella's makes me dizzy.

I could say that the sun is shining - for the first time since - 1985?

I could say that if you're thinking about seeing the movie The Proposal - don't.

I could say that I forgot to wish Sandra a happy birthday. Happy Late Birthday Sandra!

I could say that I only got to see 10 minutes of the Strawberry Days Rodeo before Grandma called and said it was an emergency and she needed me at her house - now. (Remember where she lives? It's not like I could just run across the street.) I went...guess what - no real emergency. Unless being bored and not wanting to sleep is an emergency. She talked for three hours - about what I couldn't tell you.

I could say that I stayed up until way too late reading a book that made me laugh out loud...more than once.

I could say that I stink at the game Scrabble.

I could say that I picked some cherries off my sister's tree and they are mmm mmm good.

I could say that I bought some cool new hiking shoes.

I could say.....maybe that's enough for now.

Except that I will say one more thing:

I have some pretty cute nieces and nephews and I thank my siblings for sharing them with me.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Another customer brought me a gift...a bottle of his homemade salsa. I think I'll keep these customers around. The salsa is good...but I have to be honest, no one makes salsa like the dentist makes salsa.

A few weeks ago I sent the dentist a text. It said this: "At some point I'm going to NEED some salsa." I didn't say when, or how much, or anything demanding...

He came up to run his insane 50 mile race through the mountains...and he made me salsa. I think I'll keep him around too.

If you don't love cilantro you might only like his salsa, but if you are a cilantro fan you won't want to eat anything else.

Before you ask, I helped make the salsa. I pulled all the cilantro leaves off the stems and I cut it up into tiny pieces. I left the onion peeling and chopping to the dentist. I attempted to help him slice the million roma tomatoes that he used, but I could NOT slice them as thin as he did, and finally gave up in defeat. I did however cheer him on and compliment him a lot on his culinary skills. That's got to count for something.

I've had chips and salsa for dinner nearly every night since...but now I'm out of chips. I'm almost out of salsa...oh wait, there is that bottle from the competition...

Dear Dentist, I'm almost out of salsa.

* * * * *

In other news, I no longer have an office mouse running around. I will spare you the me, you don't want them. Just know that my brother managed to take care of the mouse and I can put my feet back on the floor.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just More Nonsense

It rained this morning...a downpour really...for a long time...and I wondered if at any moment my home was going to float away. I like a good rainstorm...but every day for a month? I'm going to turn into a mushroom.

* * *
Today is National Cherry Tart Day. Did you know that? In case you wanted to know, it's the Montmorency cherry that is the tart one. If you want to make cherry pie from home grown cherries that's the cherry tree you plant. I'm going to go out and buy Hostess Cherry Pies for the guys in my office. They won't compare to my mom's homemade cherry pie but I'm sure the guys won't care.

* * *

I have provided chocolate for my customers for a few years now. They know that if they come into Linden Nursery they can eat salted peanuts and chocolate...until this year. Now all they get are the salted peanuts. I have my reasons for not providing chocolate:

1. It gets expensive - considering that my customers eat A LOT of chocolate. When Dad said 'cut expenses' I cut expenses.

2. No one ever said, "Noelle, thanks for the candy." Instead they said things like, "Noelle, the candy jar is empty. Noelle you're slacking. You need to buy us more chocolate. Noelle, what kind of chocolate is this? Why can't you by this kind of candy? Noelle, when you go to the store next time will you buy me a king size snickers bar please, and just hide it until I come in again."

My inclination was to say, "Buy your own dang candy." But seeing as how I already made some guys mad when I told them they actually had to pay for the plant material they took, I didn't want to rock the boat. Silent messages are better anyway right?

Two days ago a customer said, "If you'll buy more chocolate I'll buy you a frosty."

"Make it a smoothie and I'll consider it," was my reply.

He brought me a smoothie.

Another customer came in yesterday and threw a grocery sack my way. "This is for you. Consider it my contribution." Guess what was in it: a bag of Hershey's mini candy bars. they're sending their own silent messages. I wonder who will win this battle.

* * *

Last night I went for my usual hike up to Timp Cave. Sometimes if I don't leave early enough I can't make it to the top before the rangers turn me around and say try again tomorrow. (They close the trail at night.) Last night I was almost to the top when I saw four rangers. I waited for them to say that I had to turn around but they didn't...they just smiled at me as I hiked past them and made my way to the top.

The four rangers were still sitting there when I went back down and after I passed them one of the rangers said, "That's it...let's go home." They could have turned me around but instead they waited for me to finish the hike. I think it was the nicest thing anyone had done for me in at least 3 days.

* * *

And finally, I'm taking bets on how long Mr. Woolley is going to stay mad at me. Anyone want to venture a guess? If you've wondered why it's been so quiet around here, now you know. I made Mr. Woolley mad and he's really good at holding a grudge.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

When You Know

That there is a mouse in your office do you ever just want to sit with your feet up off the floor?

I do...and I'm not even afraid of mice.

What's a mouse doing in my office anyway? It's not cold outside; he should be basking in the sun.

(Do mice bask in the sun?)

Dang mouse.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Grandpa Wednesday on Monday

Today Grandpa would have been 99 years old.

He wanted to live to be 100.

He was a year older than Pres. Hinckley. (He would tell me that at least once a month.)

Every time Grandpa heard about a birthday celebration for Pres. Hinckley, Grandpa would say, "Why don't I get a birthday party like that?"

Grandpa's favorite dessert was strawberry shortcake.

In honor of him, that's what I made for dessert yesterday.

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Friday, June 12, 2009

And So It Goes

You know how in my post yesterday I said I was so tired I might have to drink a Coke?

Well...I did, a SMALL coke from Wendy's at lunch time.

Did you know that even a teaspoon of caffeine wires me for hours? I don't think I'm normal.

Believe me when I say I wasn't tired after that. I was wired x 100.

I dreaded going to bed. I knew it would take me 1200 hours to fall asleep.

What to do...what to do...

Only one thing: take a sleeping pill. The real kind, prescribed to me by a doctor.

I only take one when I'm desperate. I'm pretty sure that yesterday I had reached desperation.

So with pill in hand...or in stomach rather, and my trusty purple earplugs, I slept like a baby until my dad called and woke me up this morning. He was looking for my sister. She was at the dentist. (Just in case you were wondering.)

Today I'm mostly just fine.

Brynn suggested I do something to get fired and as a result I wouldn't be so tired. Believe me Brynn, I've tried. At least twice a week I ask, "Will this get me fired?" One time I even said, "What if I put the aspens on a sale that went something like this: buy one get 15 million free. Would that get me fired?" But alas, here I sit...I'm fireless. I'll keep working on it.

OH...AND...we have a new friend. Welcome Shiloah! I'm pretty sure if I knew you for real you would be my hero...well, forget knowing you, you're still my hero because you have 7 KIDS!!! And you're younger than me!!! And you look perfectly sane and normal!

Anyway, glad you stopped by. Curious minds want to know how you came across my little ol blog? (Let's be honest, I may be the only curious mind.)

Friends, have a wonderful weekend!!! I'm going to spend mine working...and ironing. Jealous?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dear Ben,

You know all those kayaks you've been building now for forever? You know, the ones the scouts are supposed to be building? (But who are we kidding? You're doing all the work.)

Well...I was just it too late to turn them into arks?

I think we're going to need them.

With much love and adoration,

Your big sister.

It's Just That

I'm tired.

Mind numbingly tired.

My whole body hurts tired.

Fall asleep without earplugs tired.

Close my eyes too long while I'm driving to work tired.

Stare off into space for minutes tired.

I might have to drink a Coke tired.

And until I'm not tired, I can't come up with anything else to say.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where To Go...Where To Go

I need a vacation.

I've said this before.

Now I REALLY mean it.

Should I go here?

This is a definite possibility.

I really hope I'm going here this winter.

Dear Dad, if you don't get your foot fixed I'm going to cry.

Kimber, didn't you say you were ever so anxious to go back here?

This was my most therapuetic trip ever.

Maybe I should go back here.

Not such a good idea...I'm extremely zip line challenged.

Some day...

My friend Tia is going to Haiti.

Lucky girl!

I think I'll go to Las Vegas to see Rika.

Where are you going?

Monday, June 8, 2009


This weekend I was hanging out with some friends. The dentist and his friend Rodger were getting ready to run the Squaw Peak 50 mile race. Yes, they're nuts. (Secretly, when I see the girls cross the finish line, I want to be one of them. But as I ran up a SMALL portion of a trail tonight I realized that it's never going to happen.) I was watching them get ready I was also watching a show with Rodger's son. It was some cable channel and it was about ghosts. Three brave, tough men were going to spend the night in a very haunted house and see if they could get the ghosts to come out.

It was dumb...I rolled my eyes and said, "Whatever"... a lot. I'm not sure if they caught the ghosts because I lost interest. I was more fascinated with the amount of toilet paper Rodger was was basically two squares. What good is two squares really?

Sorry, I get off track rather easily.

I forgot all about the ghost show until I got to work today. As I was sitting at the computer being productive I heard a sound. It was a weird creaky, moaning sound that I hear once in a while...usually when it's about to storm. When I heard it I thought, "Hmmm...maybe there is something to the ghost show.

If you happen to come to work and see three brave, tough men it won't be my brothers and my cousin. It will be the ghost hunters doing their thing.

* * * * * *

I just wrote the title and it made me think of something else. Yesterday in Relief Society we sang a strange in a minor key, and it made my sister-in-law think of Halloween. She told me so. During the second verse she leaned over and said, "Boo" and then I was laughing too hard to finish the song.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I didn't think I was going to come up with anything to say today. Lucky for you I was wrong.

There I was, minding my own never mind at the bank. I couldn't figure out why so many bank employees were at the drive-up window, nor could I figure out why they all seemed to be in such a good mood.

Even Sharon, who works at a desk at the other end of the bank, was standing at the drive-up window. She waved at me and said through the speaker, "Hi Noelle." I said hi back but I'll be honest, I thought her smile looked suspicious. Like she knew something I didn't know.

Matt came back to the window and when he had the same suspicious smile I knew I was missing something important.

That something important came in the form of the woman next to me...she was in the stall closest to the window. There she was, minding her own never her bathrobe. Her bathrobe that wasn't exactly modest...her bathrobe that covered far too little...her bathrobe that was old and ratty...did you get that people? HER BATHROBE!!! I only got a side view but I'm pretty sure there were no pajamas under that bathrobe, not the way my bank friends were acting...and they would know because they had the best view!

You would have been proud of them - I was. If you didn't know them like I do, you might not have guessed that they were doing really well at keeping it all in...until the lady drove away.

The minute she was out of hearing range I pressed the 'speak to teller' button but then I couldn't speak because I was laughing too was Jamie, the teller.

Jamie said, "I'm sorry you had to see that." I said, "I'm more sorry that poor little Matt had to see that."

The things people do...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Porch Lights and Saying Goodbye

Whenever I left Grandpa's house the routine was always the same:

I would give him a hug and tell him, "I love you Grandpa."

He would hug me back and say, "I love you too kid. What would I ever do without you?"

And then I would tell him he would never have to find out.

He would stand at the door, I would honk as I backed out of the driveway and he would flash his porch light on and off.

* * *

A few days before Grandpa died we had a conversation that was similar to that of the one we had whenever I left his house.

He had been in a care center for about two months and wasn't always very lucid. This was our conversation (maybe not word for word):

G: "Noelle, I think I'm ready to leave this school." (He always called the care center a school.)

N: "Where do you want to go Grandpa?"

G: "Back to Fountain Green. I'm ready to go home." (Towards the end I learned that going to Fountain Green actually meant that he was ready to die.)

G: "Noelle, I've given this a lot of thought. I want to go now. I even told Heavenly Father that I was ready to go back to Fountain Green. What do you think of that?"

N: "Grandpa, if you're ready to leave I think that's okay. I will miss you terribly, but I know it's time."

And then he asked what I thought everyone else would say about his going. He wanted to know about his neighbors, and his bishop, and my aunt, and even his mechanic. "Do you think the mechanic will be okay if I go back to Fountain Green?"

I reassured him that everyone would be okay. And until this point in our conversation I was handling things pretty well. But then he got me...right in the heart.

G: "Noelle, I just have one more question. What will I ever do without you? What if I need you and can't find you? I won't be able to call you!"

My response was simply, "Grandpa, I don't think you will need me. But if you do, I'm sure you'll figure out a way to contact me."

Two days later Grandpa told me he was tired and asked if he could go to sleep. I said yes, he closed his eyes, slipped into a coma, and then died two days after that.

I've always hoped that heaven for him is just like Fountain Green.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I'd be remiss if I didn't stop to thank a few people...and things: (who uses the word remiss???)

I'd like to thank the forest ranger who stopped me on the trail last night to point out the rattle snake that was curled up waiting for his dinner. "He's waiting for a chipmunk," said the ranger. Good thing I look nothing like a chipmunk. However, whenever I saw a chipmunk after that I said, "Run the other way little friend!" I hope they listened!

I'd like to thank my taste buds who are much more in tune with mold than my eyes are. All it took was one bite of my sandwich at lunch for my taste buds to scream, "Mold, mold!" Thanks guys, I appreciate your concern.

I'd like to thank the HOA for NEVER taking care of business. This year I don't mind so much the dead trees that line our parking lot or the dead bushes that grace my friend's front porch. Because if the HOA actually cared, they would probably make Becca take down the bracket she drilled into our house to hang our hanging basket. I'm pretty sure there is a rule somewhere that says we can't hang anything on the outside of our house. But as it is, I have ammunition: "Mr. HOA President, if you don't replace our dead trees, and our porch that is falling away from the foundation, I won't remove this tiny little bracket that only adds beauty to your street of townhomes." So there.

I'd like to thank you all in advance for going out and buying Crocs so that my brother won't keep blaming me for his stock gone bad. All I did was say I like my Crocs. I didn't tell him to rush right out and buy stock in the company for heaven's sake.

I'd like to thank Bruce Maw. WHAT??? You don't know Bruce Maw? He is the landscape architect for BYU. He keeps me busy for days on end looking for and ordering and taking care of his massive plant lists...AND he calls me about 5 times a day, and puts me on conference calls with his clients and asks for my opinion on everything...twice. And without him I'd have nothing else to do (she says as she rolls her eyes).

And finally, I'd like to thank Nabisco for making Ritz Crackers...and God for making sugar snap peas. Without them I'd starve.

Monday, June 1, 2009

That's What She Said

Last night we were sitting around the kitchen table talking.

We were asking our weekly trivia questions, and guessing at the answers.

All of a sudden we heard Gabi yelling at us...she was yelling only to get our attention.

"Guys, be quiet," she said, "I'm trying to hear the Holy Ghost."

What do you say to that execpt "Okay, sorry Gabi."