Monday, July 27, 2009

What I Did For My 24th of July Vacation

Hiked to Scout Falls

(along the same trail to the summit of Mt. Timp...I wanted to keep going)

Played in Heather's swimming pool.

(And it's not just a kiddie pool)

No pictures because everyone was in the water...

If I did have pictures they would look like this:

Except this was at a pond in Bluff...

We swam until an animal scared us off...literally.

We're not sure what it was.

The kids are sure it was a crocodile - my sister-in-law said she heard a crocodile make a similar sound in the zoo once.

So we're sticking with a crocodile... or a hippopotamus.

Anyway...that's not part of the story.

We had a diving contest.

I was a judge - I don't dive.

(Once I dove and smacked my face on the bottom of the public pool...nearly knocked myself out and came up with lots of blood. I have a fear...)

We declared the diving contest a tie.

We had a cannonball contest too...

I didn't win.

We ate lots of good food.

The family had a rousing game of volleyball, while I...

I watched fireworks with some good friends.

And they made me laugh.

Thank you friends for making me laugh.

The End.


Rach Platt said...

I love those pictures. Will you email them to me?
And my vote is for the hippopotamus. Only because it's closer to an elephant than a crocodile -- and you know how I feel about elephants. Please, please can we get one for Fairview (the new Marion)?

Amy said...

I like holidays. :)