Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday Night In Utah

I have a hangover.

I'll bet that got your attention!

I got a migraine last night. I don't get them often. It's a good thing.

I was driving home from SLC when it hit. I had to stop at my mom's. I needed a mop bucket. (If you're new to my blog go here for a very detailed explanation of my relationship with mop buckets.)

Mom called Becca, who gets migraines regularly, and said, "Can you have some medicine ready for Noelle when she gets home?"

The medicine was: half a cup of apple cider vinegar, one small white pill, two large white pills, and a glass of Coke. There was no way I was going to drink the apple cider vinegar and I told Becca that.

"Plug your nose, stop being a baby, and drink it. It will settle your stomach. Trust me." I was too sick to argue. Believe me, if I would have been my normal self, I would have argued...and although Becca is stubborn, she would have lost the argument. I drank the vinegar, took her pills, drank the Coke and then said, "Now let me die in peace." She covered me with a blanket and said, "Sleep well."

Hello? Did she forget all of a sudden what caffeine does to me? Not only did she make me drink Coke...the big white pill? Excedrin migraine. FULL of caffeine. And Becca says I'm nuts but I swear the apple cider vinegar only increased the effects of the caffeine.

At 1:30am my migraine was gone but I was wide awake. I started a book - and finished it. At 4:30am I remembered that I left my phone in my car so I went outside to get it. At 5:15 this morning I'm pretty sure I was sending death threats towards Becca's room. I finally fell asleep after that.

And that was just a tangent - not at all what this post was going to be about.

Looks like it's going to be another long one. I'll do my best to make it entertaining.

Last week I got an email from Carrie. We were arranging to get together. She said, "We can either go for a bike ride Saturday morning or a big singles activity in SLC Saturday night. Which do you want to do?"

My response: "The bike ride of course. But you go to that singles activity and have a great time!"

She said she wouldn't go unless I went with her. Guess she wasn't going.

Later I got an email from Tia. "Noelle, I have to go to a singles activity this Saturday night in SLC. PLEASE won't you go with me? PLEASE?"

How can you say no to please when it's capitalized? I'm going to work on that. N-O. It should be simple.

So I emailed Carrie back. "Fine. We'll go the singles activity...but you owe me!"

I invited Becca. Even if I paid her she wouldn't go. I invited Kristie. She said yes...a fact that will forever be among the top 5 things that have shocked me the most in my life.

We paid our $10, got a stamp on our hand, and were allowed entrance to the singles event of the year. Well, it would have been had we been over the age of 55. Because I'm pretty sure that was the average age. There are a lot of single people over the age of 55. One guy drove all the way from Idaho. I know that because he asked Tia to dance. Sigh... Lucky Tia.

We ate our dinner away from the crowd and debated on how long we were going to stay. My vote was to go to a movie. Instead we got in line to sign up for speed dating. The excitement is almost too much for you isn't it.

We saw a guy in line and I said to Tia, "The odds are definitely in his favor." He was younger than 40 AND he was good looking. It was going to be a good night for him. We waited in line for a while and when it was nearly our turn to register we were turned away. For real. They kicked us out of speed dating. Want to know why? Because there were too many girls in the 31 to 45 age group already signed up...and there weren't enough guys to go around.

I said I wanted a refund.

We went back to our spot away from the crowd and I suggested a movie again. But then Dave started talking to us and we couldn't leave. Dave was entertaining. Dave asked us why we were there. I said, "To meet my soul mate of course. Isn't that why you're here?"

Dave said, "Let's go ride the train." And so we did. We and all 50 million other single people who were there. We had to wait in line for a while...and that's when we started talking to Josh...the good looking guy from the speed dating line.

Josh was probably the most eligible bachelor there. (Josh, don't blush. You were...that's just a fact.) ((I told Josh I would write about him in my blog. He said he would read it.))

When we FINALLY got on the train we were all separated. I got to sit next to Dave. I turned to tell some girls who didn't make the train that I was sorry and guess what they did: they glared at me. Really. I thought, 'It's just a train ride ladies.' I figured that some people must really like to ride the train...and then I forgot about them.


(I told you it would be long.)

We were sitting on a blanket, looking at the lights in the valley below, just chatting, when all of a sudden Josh stood up and walked away. One of my friends said, "Where is Josh going?" He was talking to a girl and she said something like, "If you would come and talk to my friend it would really make her night." And so he did because he's nice like that. I turned to see the friend who was twitterpated with Josh and guess who it was...the girl from the train, the one who glared at me. It all made perfect sense.

Her name was Melissa. She was in love with Josh's blue eyes. Who knows, maybe Josh was in love with her too. (Were you Josh?)

Eventually we made our way back to the dance. Carrie wanted to dance...and she did, with a good looking bronze beauty. (That's what Kristie's mom calls good looking black men.) Kristie wanted to dance with him too. She is a chicken. I even offered her $100 if she would ask him to dance. Josh offered to go and meet him and bring him over Kristie's way. She still said no.

Tia didn't want to dance...but she did. Sorry Tia. I didn't want to dance either...and I didn't.

When we left we concluded that overall it hadn't been that bad. And maybe, just maybe, we would go again sometime. Right ladies? It wasn't that bad?


Tia said...

I'm gonna withhold judgement a bit longer. I'm not quite over the dancing incident... And Josh, you WERE probably the most eligible bachelor there, and you are cute. :)

Tia said...

Oh, and that whole dancing thing? I think I earned the cookies. Wouldn't you say?

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

p.s. I forgot to mention that I ate salad all week.

I deserve those cookies.

and thanks for the reminder about why I'm so happy I'm not single anymore... I just might eat the whole dozen to celebrate.

BigKahuna39 said...

I do have to say that it was a good night, thanks for the entertainment, you and your friends are pretty fun to hang with, I didn't really want to dance with people who had taste in music in the same era that I was born in, peace out Dave.

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Better yet...I left you a message on my recent post.

Amy said...

And just think - this post could've been all about the paint of bike-butt. Aren't you glad you picked the singles thing and Josh and his blue eyes? I am.

Anonymous said...

Fun Night Ladies....I don't think I've laughed so hard in years. Good times....

Brynn said...

You all are going to hurt Josh's feelings. You should just say that he was the most eligible. Not "probably"...
And DANG! I forgot to say why I should get the cookies. I hope you send them to those cute nieces and nephews. You will break their hearts if you don't.

Kristie said...

Oh how I regret not earning an extra $100. Noelle, you're right. I'm a chicken. When we go back in a year or two I might get some nerve.
I do admit to a good time. Thanks friends!

Kristie said...

Thanks to Josh for lookin' out for me. Glad we're still friends.

Unknown said...

Wow, you girls DO know how to flatter a guy! (Josh-blushing) It's nice to know that I can still catch a girls eye. I didn't know that I still had it. Most eligible AND cute. My days as a single bachelor must be coming to an end sometime soon? Who'd of thunk it?! It was awkward sitting and talking with 4 women and then having someone who I don't know from Adam, I mean Eve call me by name and explain that I just had to talk to her friend or she would be devastated. That she couldn't stop thinking about my blue eyes. Sorry if that was rude girls. Was just trying to be kind and indulge the lady. (Even if she did glare at you Noelle. I didn't find that out until after I talked to her) Anyway, I had a great time. It was a last minute decision to go to that activity for me. Haven't been to a church sponsored 'single'activity for years. I guess I'll have to go to a few more of them. My self confidence was given a nice boost!! I hope that we can all keep in touch. Would love to do something with you girls again sometime! By the way, I love your blog Noelle! You are a great storyteller!

Unknown said...

Oh and Noelle, I hope that I wasn't a contributing factor to your migraine. OUCHIE

Noelle said...

A guy who reads my blog AND wonder we thought he was eligible!

No Josh, you didn't cause the migraine. It was the thought of dancing that did. :)