Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Grandpa Wednesday Is Back

One day Grandpa and I were in the kitchen. He was making his dinner of beef and vegetable soup and I was cleaning his sink.

I asked him, "Grandpa, do you have any regrets?"

He thought about it and said, "I have two."

"What are they?"

The first, he said, was that he didn't buy my cousin Bart a hamburger once when he wanted one.

They were driving home from Fountain Green and Bart was hungry. Bart asked if Grandpa would buy him a hamburger and Grandpa said, "No. Let's wait until we get home to eat. Grandma is making us a big dinner"

Bart was killed when he was 18 in a car/train accident. He was close to my grandparents and his death was hard on them.

Grandpa's second regret was that he never took Grandma to Upstate New York. She had always wanted to go.

Isn't that amazing? He was probably 92 when we had that conversation...and in all of his 92 years of living those were his only regrets.

I learned a lot from my grandpa...and I hope to be able to live a life equal to his.


Tiffany said...

I'm impressed by the conversations you had with your sweet grandpa. You made good use of your time with him. How lovely to have those memories.

Sadly, I have more than 2 regrets thus far. I'm working hard to not have anymore. I love how general conference gives me a shot in the arm to try harder.

We've been out of town so I'm getting caught up on the news. Congratulations on your imminent homeownership! Smart move.

Anonymous said...

Grandpa's 92 years sound so amazing! You should publish. Not just a blog. A book. A book on Grandpa Wednesdays.

Make sure to give out free kleenex though.