Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Am Such A Girl

This will be the last post today, I promise!

I've had a mental debate going on all day long: post the pictures or not.

And I did post one of lunch date.

And then I posted pictures of the other two guys I wrote about.

And then I deleted the post with the pictures of the two guys.

And I just deleted Steve's picture too.

Because they want their picture posted on my blog...for the world to see?

I know, they posted their own picture on-line for the world to see...but that was their choice, not mine. more pictures. I hope you understand.


Oh...and while I've got you...

Lunch was pleasant.

Steve is a nice guy.

Steve's future goals include taking 4 months off of work to wander through Europe.

I wished him luck.

If Steve asks me out again, I will go.

If Steve doesn't ask me out again, it won't be that surprising.

There you have it.

Now...go read something worthwhile for heaven's sake.


Megan said...

I think you should take off 4 months to go gallivant around Europe... it sounds like a sublime adventure!

Kim and Company said...

I want you to post 8 more random facts about yourself. I knew all the ones you put. I want something I don't know! I'm a demanding comment leaver. ;-)

Noelle said...

Kim...I don't think it would be possible for me to come up with 8 facts that you don't know about me. Seriously.

Amy said...

I like Steve. I want to go with him to Europe. Or I want YOU to go with him and blog all of your adventures that would be just as good.

Amy said...

PS. No pictures in the reader. :)

David G. Woolley said...

Ugh! Four months? Is he kidding? Can't he do the adventure in a few weeks? If a guy can't do Europe in less than a month, he isn't a guy. He's a girl. Does he get college credit for that many months of study abroad? I don't know any adventures that take more than a few weeks. When you get to week three its a burden. And after week four its got to be a job by then. Know what I mean. You don't need to climb every Alp to appreciate the mountains of Bavaria. You don't need to milk every cow to enjoy Swiss yogurt. You don't need to drink any of the German beer to appreciate their sauerkraut. And another thing. Who is paying for this anyway? Four months? This guy sounds like a socialist soccer coach I knew from Belgium. He decided he was going to quit his job and let the government pay for his life for a year while he traveled around the continent. I nearly hit him in the nose. Does he know where the government gets its money? Does he? Okay, no more on vacations and stuff like that. I love an adventure, but I'd never take a four month job riding Euro-Rail. Never.

Anonymous said...

If he doesn't ask you out?? Not possible!

I'm sure when he mentioned wanting to take 4 months off to go see Europe, he was imagining dream sequences of you and him dancing hand-in-hand!