Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm Drinking Hot Chocolate...What Are You Drinking?

"The saddest thing you'll ever see is a mosquito sucking on a mummy.
Forget it little friend."

...deep thoughts by Jack Handy

said she can't remember the last time she laughed. Hopefully that helped.

* * * * *

I actually did my hair today. I know, it surprised me too. ...washed, dried, flat ironed, styled...the works...and I was only 30 minutes late for work. Go me.

So - remember the post where I told you about dad cutting his head open? And the post about me killing my knee? Dad got his stitches out yesterday, and I still can't kneel - at all. Does that seem right? I didn't think so either.

And remember the post about Fernando? I guess he's not coming now. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that when he said he could stay in a hotel I said that would be a good idea. I'll bet me telling him I wasn't going to take 4 days off of work to entertain him might have had something to do with it too. (Don't worry, I was nice about it.) Sorry Bryan, I know you were really looking forward to entertaining him.

I'm hosting my first ever yard sell tomorrow. You should see my living room - I've got piles of stuff I'm going to sell. It's a humorous thing trying to decide how much to charge for all of it. I hold something up and say to my sister, "How much for this?" And then she tells me and I say, "WHAT? That's it?" I'm taking advantage of the nursery's customer base and holding the yard sale at my place of employment. Stop by if you're in the area. I'll have homemade chocolate chip cookies.

And finally...

The best for last...

Here's what happened: a guy driving a BMW walked into the office this morning. He said this to my cousin Travis: "I left my wallet in Park City this morning and I need money for gasoline."
My cousin looked at him and said, "Excuse me?" And he repeated his story. "I need money for gasoline. I left my wallet in Park City."

Travis suggested that the story sounded fishy and the guy said, "I drive a $50,000 BMW. Do you really think I'm trying to cheat you out of money?"

Travis said, "I really don't know. But somehow it wouldn't surprise me." And then Travis gave him a mini speech of was rather humorous.

Why he picked here we have no idea. But guess what we have hidden in a back corner of the nursery - a huge tank filled with gasoline.

When Travis offered to give the guy enough fuel to get back to Park City his response was, "It doesn't have oil in it does it?"

Travis said, "You better hope not. But it's either this or nothing. I'm not giving you cash."

So the guy took the fuel and off he went. Strange...

And now I must go in search of cough drops. Have a great Friday people!


Tiffany said...

What a fabulous bag of mixed nuts that was.

As for your hair and the 'go me' love, love it.

Thanks for the Friday funnies.

Sandra said...

I did laugh. and then I laughed again about the gasoline.

Sandra said...

Oh, and my son just showed me something that made me laugh. Out loud even:

Dakermom said...

hmmm.. thoughts to ponder. You didn't mention the drink again, other than in the title, but just to add.. i'm drinking Gatorade. Blue. mmm. Funny gas guy story. Happy weekend!

Michelle said...

Ha Ha Ha,the weirdos always seem to pick Trav!

Tami said...

So I texted Trav and asked him about his little tirade-lecture. I think I want to keep on his good side. Who knew? I think this can rate next to the scary trailer park woman story.

Anonymous said...

I see the original mosquito quote here! aha!

Fernando didn't come? Didn't pursue the girl until she stood at the altar with another man? How shameful! Okay, I know. Good for everyone.

Free gasoline? And the 50,000$ BMW guy didn't come back to repay? Bad manners!

Travis reminds me of this post about someone (who, was it Trouble?) saying to her Mum, "Shut the door or the horses will come in!" I don't think I ever laughed as hard!!!