Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm Not In Oregon Anymore

I had a choice:

Be sick in Oregon or be sick at home. I chose home. So I changed my flight and came home.

There's a pretty good bet I have pneumonia. The doctor's visit later today will confirm or deny.

I'll let you know.


Amy said...

That. Bites.

I'm sorry.

adrienzgirl said...


Sandra said...

So sorry, Noelle

Brynn said...

Stupid. I hope you get well soon.

Dakermom said...

Awe, that sucks! Feel better!!! And, to help you feel better, you have an award at my blog for showing the commenting love! :)

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Don't forget to cough in your sleeve.

Need some chicken noodle soup? I'd happily attempt to make you some, which would probably put you out of your misery.

Hope your not turning into a piggy. It's going around.


Abraham and Sara said...

I'm sad I missed you. Next time.

Anonymous said...

What? Really? This is sad. When you come back from the jungle, I am going to get you to eat more.